How to fix low call volume on OnePlus 6

Oneplus mobile company launched a great and fibulas smartphone OnePlus 6.  But there is one problem disturb you every time that I know because I am facing it low call volume on OnePlus 6. Difficult to hear calls through other person voice. Every OnePlus 6 users experienced not only low call volume on OnePlus 6 but also hard to hear with another person on the phone sometime.

Are you can’t listen to voice during the calls on OnePlus 6 Oreo? I give you complete information How to fix low call volume on OnePlus 6.

You, people, face a problem: call dropping, people can’t hear your voice, low call volume, poor call volume.

I give you solution & suggestion to resolve your issue that calls volume problem OnePlus 6.

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Fix Low Call Volume Issue On OnePlus 6

Follow my tips step by step guide to detail to fix low call volume issue on OnePlus 6 device.

Fix 1:  tap side volume button & increase call volume during the call and fix the issue.

Fix 2: use headphone during the call so you can listen to the perfect voice.

Fix 3: clear earpiece- you don’t know, but you surprised when you see dirt & dust in your speaker. Use a wooden toothpick or cotton swap and clear out dirt & dust around of earpieces of the OnePlus mobile.

Fix 4: clear Microsoft port- use a wooden toothpick or cotton-like above and clean dirt & dust then solve your issue.

Fix 5: using safe mode- tap power button + wait for few second + you will show reboot or power off button + press power button + wait for few second + you can see REBOOT OR SAFE MODE + ok

Then dial *#800# on your OnePlus 6 mobile. Reboot your device and you will reactive testing call.

Fix 6: software update- mobile menu + setting + go system update + start a download and update your mobile.

Fix 7:  use software for auto call fix volume. Developer finds this solution for low call volume. download this software

Use our solution and share with your friend & family, enjoy your day.



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