Know about Louis Vuitton ties, fake or original

In our last post we discussed about women accessories scarf the genuine and replica points to identify between them. You cannot see many differences between genuine and unauthentic scarves. We shared examples with you which might have helped you.

In this post we will share you points on Louis Vuitton ties which is men’s accessories. Same as scarf there are very few points to differentiate, a very thin line between fake and real tie. Lets discuss about Louis Vuitton tie.

Pointers for Louis Vuitton tie:

Genuine Louis Vuitton tie always come with single strip on back side of tie with “Louis Vuitton Paris” written on it. If you see two strips on the back side keep the small portion of tie then it is replica. “LV” is always printed on the small part of tie which will end exactly after the strip. Following image will show the genuine Louis Vuitton image.

original louis vuiton tie

Fake tie will come with co-branding on the strip, which is already a pointer for replica items. Any Louis Vuitton product with co-branding is replica. Below image shows tie with co-branding on strip. Also the image shows plastic strip with tag attached to tie. Louis Vuitton never uses plastic strip to attach tags.

fake louis vuitton tie

Genuine tags will come with thread like material with which tags are attached. Below image will show authentic tags with tie

authentic lv tie

Also you can see the box of the tie. Some counterfeit ties comes with box with co-branding in it. If you see such box then please don’t buy it because its replica. Below image shows tie box with co-branding inside it.

fake lv tie

From our next post we will share you information about other high end brands such as Michael Kors, Chanel, burberry, breitling and many more. Be connected with us and our posts. Surely it will help you identify products. If you like our post and thinks that information is useful then please write to us for any query.

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