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Apps cannot download from play store on android mobile

Apps Won't Download from Play Store on android

You people have lots of problem like: cannot download movie, TV reality show, song, music and also another contact from Google.

In your Android HTC, LG, Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, Moto, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung Galaxy Device, Play store not downloading apps, game and other data.

You can’t open any app its take load and maybe it open, so crashes after open it.

If you have the problem with downloading apps and installing apps and other data, so please just try my tips and solve your problem. You people also take help to developer and device manufacturer. We present some tips for Google play store won’t open below:

Apps Won't Download from Play Store on android

Quick Tips to fix Apps Cannot download from Play Store on Android Mobile

Tips 1: Check your Wi-Fi and your android.

First, of fall check, strong internet connection have or not?

If it is best, then you connect Wi-Fi network.

If Wi-Fi network does not give work perfect, then make sure mobile data connection.

Then you people try downloading apps and game, etc. make strong internet and download pending in play store easily.

Tips 2: reset device on your android mobile

If you are not downloading and if download, then your data clear and the cache of Google play store so reset your device. Try below tips:

1: first press on setting > Backup & Reset.

2: Tap Reset option.

3: Tap OK and do conform.

4: press and wait for power off button (try resetting) your android mobile and solve your problem.

Tips 3: Data of the Google play store & clear and cache.

Remove your Google play store’s cache & data on your device and after installing the app again. This tip helps you solve your problem:

1: open setting menu.

2:  in setting find apps & notification and also see all apps, tap it.

3: then scroll down and tap Google play store.

4:  and after tap memory storage then clear cache.

5: tap clear data.

6: switch off the android phone and start.( now clear and clean your phone enjoy)

7: and now re-open Google play store and download and install again.

Tips 4: Check storage

If you’re mobile, have no enough space. And cant download apps from app store. And unfortunately, Google play store has stopped. So we give some tips follow it. You have lots of videos, games, songs, and photos on your device, its use more memory on your device. So please check how much it uses. And then check your android mobile enough space. If memory not enough on your device so delete some video, movie and clear memory then download otherwise save your downloading file on your SD card.

Go to setting and check storage.

Tips 5: Update your OS

This App is upgraded and compatible with new Android version. Check and Update Android OS to the latest version.

1: Go to the Settings app android.

2: Next, Follow About > Tap on Software Update.

Now, Tap on Check Now

Tips 6: Delete Unused all apps

An untrusted or unused app might be creating the problem like this. Most of the time, this issues causing because of brightness app, that auto-manage your mobile’s screen brightness.

Installing or using Antivirus software.

Extra Note

Are you getting Play Store won’t Open, Downloading the app and Other issues after updating new updates on your android. You can downgrade android version.

Disable or Enable Auto Update Android Apps on Play Store.

Write for us in the comment below, which tips are helpful to fix android app not downloading on app store.

How to Edit Hosts File on Windows 10: Fix Permission error or Access denied error

5 Edit Hosts file on Windows

Here is the quick tutorial on how to manage or edit hosts file in Windows 10 C drive. We need to change hosts file for any purpose live blog or bypass IP address or test website locally without changing DNS globally. For the security reason Windows can’t be able to write or edit the hosts file for the security purpose, but sometimes we need to do this or use it correctly. Windows 10 users are getting the error because they are not found hosts file to run as administrator or unable to save or save as hosts file in the same location. Also, users cannot replace the existing hosts file in C drive after created on the desktop or other drives.

  • You don’t have permission to save in this location.
  • contact the administrator to obtain permission.
  • would you like to save in my documents folder instead?

1 Enable Host file permission for edit or change hosts file in windows 10

Access Denied Error on windows 10 Hosts file save,

2 Access Denied for edit hosts file in windows 10

I investigate and face this same issue on my Windows 10 laptop and getting fresh after browsing some tips and do Google.

Let’s check what the possibility to fix this error or easily edit hosts file in Windows 10 without any permission denied error is.

Fixes on Edit host file in windows 10 and On Save Time errors

Step on go to the below path in your computer C drive.


2 Host File Properties in windows 10

You can easily navigate to the hosts file by placing the above line in your Windows address bar, and tap enter for directly access the folder where hosts file saved.

Right click on the hosts file and tap on properties.

Next, to the properties click on security tab in Window.

2 Host file security option in Windows OS

Under the security, tab finds the groups and usernames sequential select system administrator and user and click on edit to change the permission for the specific one user.

3 Change File permission for all users in windows 10

On click on add it here, you can find permission for all under the Allow column select all the checkbox shown in below image.

4 Allow Control for Permission Host file change in windows

Don’t miss to save and make changes to the hosts file permission now open the hosts file and enter the details that you want to add it in hosts file running on Windows 10 or also Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Now, Right click on hosts file and Enter lines of code, Than Save file (Ctrl + S).

5 Edit Hosts file on Windows

That’s it.

Hope you guys enjoy with me, and you fix the problem for edit or save hosts file after making changes.

Error loading media file could not be played Firefox on Computer, PC: Here’s the Fix

Are you unable to play the video file on your website that you have visited just like news Technology entertainment and live streaming sites for sports and other? Firefox somewhere blocking the incoming video connection that means you need to do some action to play video file in your browser without creating any problem and stop in between. Here is a possible fix for error loading media file could not be played Firefox on your Windows laptop or PC installed on Windows 10 Windows 7 or 8.

Are you feeling bad for fix error loading media file could not be played Firefox

Force close Mozilla Browser from the task manager or use the soft close button on the browser. Restart your browser and check again sometimes insufficient memory causing the issue for blocking media file on a web page.

Sometimes that might happen in Internet Explorer in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. Let’s fix first for Mozilla Firefox.

Troubleshooting: loading media file could not be played Firefox

Restart your system and check the Internet connection

First of all check, you have a proper Internet connection that means you can easily play HD video within browser easily I would like to suggest please use online speed test tools. Speed is a good enough and follows the next steps.

Update your Mozilla Firefox browser

Open Mozilla Browser on your computer, find three horizontal line and select about Firefox.

About Mozilla, Firefox popup see the option for the check for updates it will download in automatically wait for download complete and go with the restart to update Firefox button.

Now you have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox install on your system set the error is fixed or Persist.

Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox

To disable hardware acceleration go to the tools > options > advanced > general > browsing use hardware acceleration unavailable.

To identify hardware acceleration really causing the problem Launch Mozilla Firefox in safe mode,

How to open Mozilla Firefox in safe mode

open Mozilla Firefox > go to the Firefox menu button [Horizontal Three Line] > click on help > select restart with add-ons disabled > Firefox will open with safe mode dialogue window.

2nd Method for open Mozilla in Safe mode

Shortcut method for open Mozilla in safe mode is press shift button and click on the browser icon to directly launch in safe mode

If you are using any third party themes then try to play video site with the default theme. To launch the default theme click on Firefox tools > addons > appearance.

Above all are the fixes for the error loading media file could not be played Firefox in Windows computer laptop. Kindly share and enjoy our troubleshooting guide.