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Important hidden features in your android phone that you must know

Most useful hidden features of android mobile

Android is top selling OS in market. Now a day’s most of the devices are working on android system. Android is very easy to use and convenient mobile. There are lots of features which most of people don’t know. People only use basic functions that are visible is settings, but there are many hidden features in android that you must know and use it on daily basis. You can show these tricks to others as well.

Here are some hidden features in android:

Most useful Hidden features in android mobile

1> Quick Google launch from any screen: Anything new comes in, everyone first goggles it. Life seems to be impossible without Google. Just “hold menu key for few seconds or drag it in upward direction, it will launch Google.

2> Force reboot: Many a time our mobile hangs up due to certain technical issues and we are not able to restart it manually. To reboot your device “press Power button + volume up button + Home key simultaneously.”

3> Detailed information about phone statistics: You can use *#*#4636#*#* USSD code to get information about Phone, Battery, Application usage, Wi-Fi information etc. You will get detailed information of each and every item.

4>  Hard and factory reset phone: There are two type of resets Hard and factory.

– Factory reset: In factory reset all your internal data will be deleted and settings will be changed to factory default that means your mobile will look like new one that comes from factory without any apps. Use USSD code *#*#7780#*#* to factory reset your android.

– Hard reset: Hard reset will delete all internal as well as SD card data and reset its settings to factory default. Don’t try this for testing purpose as it will not ask for any permission. Use USSD code *2767*3855# for hard reset your android.

5> Taking screen shots: There are different tricks for different mobiles to take screen shots, Most common is “Press volume down button and power button” this will work in most of the mobile phones. If it not works try “Press Volume down button + Home key + Power button.

There are many more hidden features in android and we will be showing it in near time. Just stay connected with us. Try these features regularly and you will be used to it, then you don’t need to refer these codes.

How to backup and restore android data on computer: Windows

2 Start Backup and restore android on computer

Many people face problems when they lose their mobile phone or when data gets deleted due to any virus. There might be situations when your old mobile needs to be replaced with new one. Manually transferring data from old mobile to new one very boring and hectic. Important data lose may affect you financially also as it contains many important files and passwords. Now on wards you don’t have to worry about backup. There are two easy ways to backup and restore android data on computer so that you can easily access it whenever needed.

Now a day’s android has facility to backup online but this is not safe as well, there might be situations when online server may not work or crash. This will also result in data lose. The best way to backup your data is using “Backup and restore android data through android data recovery” software “Dr fone” available in google play store. You can backup data such as contacts, messages, applications data such as whatsapp, facebook, calendar, settings, playlists, photos, videos, music, notes and many other files.

 Following are the ways to Backup and restore android data on computer Windows 10/ 8/ 7: Reviews

  1. Backup and restore android data through android data recovery software Dr. fone

Steps That follow in software,

  1. Plug your android device to laptop or PC using data cable. Install the software and then run it.Connect Android mobile to PC or Desktop
  2. Select types of data that you want to backup. Follow the instructions while connecting through USB.2 Start Backup and restore android data on computer
  3. After completing backup, you can check data by clicking “view the backup”.3 android Mobile Backup on PC completed
  4. Whenever you need to restore your data from backup, connect it to PC or laptop wherein data is backed up. Then you can choose the backup history you want to restore. After clicking “view” you can see the data from right side in details and select it.4 Backup complete
  5. Hit restore after selecting the data. Your files will be restored.

I recommend all to backup regularly in a week so that no data will be lost. Always use Dr fone to Backup and restore android data on computer.

How to Enable/ Reduce Blue light on android Lollipop, Marshmallow

Adjust Light mode with slider

Now days we all have habit of using facebook, watsapp, tumblr, skype, and many other social media apps before going to sleep. A survey says 80% people use social media website before bed. At night mobile devices are not good for health, Blue light coming from devices affect our body and mind, and hence sleeping disorder takes place. This article is all about how you can reduce blue light of your mobile. Twitter app gives setting to use in after Enable Night mode in android mobile. More comfortably enjoy screen behavior after Reduce Blue Light on Android using below tips.

There are applications available in google play store that will reduce blue light on your android by balancing the light effect at night. These applications will emit light according to the surrounding you are using it. That means if you are using it in night, it will reduce the blue light effect, as it is not good for health at night time. Otherwise in day time it will increase blue light effect, as it is good for health and mind at day time.

The solution to reduce blue light on android:

There are many applications available free of cost in google play. Here we are going to tell you most effective and best applications to reduce blue light.

Twilight: It will filter blue light and convert it into pleasant red light. After evening it will filter the flux of blue light emitted by our mobile phones. It will reduce the color level of screen and makes it dim until your surrounding brightness is reached.

Reduce Blue Light on Android using app on Lollipop or Marshmallow

Blue light filter- night mode: This app reduces the opacity of your screen hence reducing the blue light effect. It can reduce it to more than 80%, which is very good for eyes at night time.

Adjust Light mode with slider

F.lux: The famous f.lux app which was available for windows is now available for your android mobile too. This app will reduce the flux of blue light and makes it environment friendly. Get how to Enable Blue light mode on Windows.

Best app for Enable Blue light mode

Finally just want to say that we all want a good and quality sleep, so not let these technology devices harm our health. Always use these applications to reduce blue light on android and keep your mind and body healthy.