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Err_Network_Changed In Google Chrome Windows 10: PC or Laptop [Fixed]

5 Error Network Changed in google Chrome

Recently most of the Chrome users affected with the common problem, err_network_changed when we started browsing after launch Google Chrome on PC or laptop first time. On this error, we can’t do at the moment because not any web page able to serve directly from the Google Chrome address bar.

Behind this reason, there are so many causes affecting your browser and your connection was interrupted a network change was detected Chrome.

Not just only the desktop web browser but also we can see a network change was detected in Android as well.

5 Error Network Changed in google Chrome

Steps for fix error network changed for Windows install google chrome users

Fix 1: Check connected router over Wifi

Normally WiFi automatically changes based on the best Internet Signals and connectivity issues. If you are using two or three WiFi shows daily it might be it will change when connection lost in existing or connect a router then time to switch on another router at the same time. So the interrupted web browser page showing error_network_changed.

I would like to recommend disable automatically connect Wi-Fi network or turn off on user Wi-Fi routers at your office or home.

Still, are you getting the same error while we connect on or turn on one router near to you then restart router once and test it again.

Fix 2: Flush DNS cache

1. So we need to launch command from your system. Search “CMD Cortana search” or use Windows shortcut from your keyboard and type CMD.

2. CMD (command prompt) open Command Prompt window

3. enter IPconfig/flush DNS and press enter.

4. After successfully run the command means I lost all DNS Cache for your network specifically. close command prompt and test it out the problem has been solved, if not then follow the next steps for fix error network changed in Chrome.

Fix 3: Reset TCP IP using command prompt

1. Open Command Prompt As an administrator and type command below

netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

Turn off from the window in test it’s working.

Fix 4: Use public DNS – Google

1. If your system creating a problem with your existing DNS address can use Google public DNS address that we can change manually from them Internet settings.

2. Press windows key + x then select network key.

3. Here you can see Wifi adapter right click on it and go to the properties.

4. Next window see all Ethernet connections options find Internet protocol version 4 TCP/ IPv4 click on the properties button and then enter the following DNS address showing below,

Click on OK and save the settings.

Fix 5: Clear browsing history and data from the beginning of time

This is one of the important solutions for fix error_network_changed, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the browser then select the settings.

Click on Show advanced settings

Clear the below types of browsing data,
Cookie and other sites and plugin data
Cached images and files
hosted app data

Block or disable antivirus software for the specific interval.

Fixed “err_connection_timed_out” on Google Chrome Webpage

5 Err Connection Time Out Error on windows PC Or Laptop

Here is a solution on how to fix error connection Timeout on your Windows PC laptop and on Android mobile. This page is error for any web page like Google Facebook Twitter Instagram or any other. The connection error occurred due to the different types of interface and problems in the network that we can fix on our side or through ISP. People don’t need to fix it because it’s very common error and really hard in law to fix it but we can easily using this guide. Without change, your browser (Alternate Browsers – Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari) or system, gets how to solve err_connection_timed_out.

Android device getting the error due to the very slow or poor Internet connection so first of all, you need to check correct Internet speed by using some very best Internet speed checker apps for Android mobiles or other mobile platforms.

5 Err Connection Time Out Error on windows PC Or Laptop

Troubleshooting: Err_Connection_Timed_Out: This webpage is not available, Site Can’t be reached

1. Whitelist web address in Windows host file

See the host file location address for your all windows OS (Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7).


open and Edit host file on Window PC Or Laptop

Right click on it, Choose open With and Find Notepad.

Remove line shown in below image, Delete last line with #.

Delete Domain from host file

Next, Save file. File > save.

2. Clear all browsing history

Clear all types of history, Cookies and Cache file from Google Chrome settings. Might be this is the reasons some types of data stores on browser slow down internet access automatically. So Spinning wheel with taking too long respond open website page showing error: Err_Connection_Timed_Out on timeout.

Click on three verticle dots icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Next, History. Or Use (Ctrl+ H) shortcut from the keyboard.

3 Clear Browsing History on Chrome

Select all types of history data and Click on Clear history button. (Don’t close browser until the complete the process)

4 Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome

Close browser and launch to test again, err_connection_timed_out error gone or not.

3. Repair in LAN settings

Wrong or misconfigurations might the biggest issue that directly effect on your browsing experience just like blocking or slow Internet speed.

6 Use Proxy Server on Windows 10 or PC & Laptop

Go to the start menu > control panel. Inside to control panel Find Internet options. Click on that and a new popup will appear on screen now click on connection tab at the top and then LAN Settings inside it.

4. Flush DNS in your network or reset DNS address for IP

Flush DNS Cache is a primary solution from Internet service provider it will be command most of the time when you help them.

7 Flush DNS settings and cache on windows PC Or Laptop

Type CMD in the start menu and open it now placed below command one by one and clear all the caches.

5. Unblock any kind of Firewall connection or website blocking

Make sure about your existing Internet setting. Because sometimes web address blocked by your system unexpectedly. Also, check any Internet software install another system and blocked by it.

Temporarily disabled antivirus from bottom status bar menu right click on anti-virus icon and disable it for few hours or minutes.

6. Get connected with your Internet service provider

check other websites on same browser behavior in same issue and contact to your Internet service provider.

Hope you help a lot this article and fix your problems on error connection timed out the error on the web page.

Fixed: Laptop Battery Not Charging, Draining fast and Over-hitting

2 Battery Performance in Windows Laptop or Desktop

Here I discussed most powerful reasons for saving more battery life for each single battery charge cycle. Over time or after long use battery consuming is the sophisticated reasons for any electronics gadgets. The company gives the specific number of charging cycle at the time of design and release. But too much use and irresponsible techniques create problems related battery drain fast, Battery over hitting or too small time for battery backup.

But are you the new laptop users? or in the intermediate stage of your laptop battery life. You should follow the below tips that really help to save power and longer time to use original company battery.

Laptop battery not charging, How to Increase Battery life: Guide

1. Listen Audio on External Speaker, Microphone or Best Headphone, not from laptop speaker.
2. Brightness – In dark are or low light we don’t need too much brightness. So keep it in medium or low intensity.
3. Keep turn off Bluetooth while not in use, Bluetooth mostly works in the background. So we need to stop that by disabling it.
4. Manage Auto sleep time, Sleep Screen – To manage it Go to the Control Panel > Find power Option.

Next, Tap on Change plan settings.

1 Laptop power option on windows 10 or Windows 7

Three Different options, Turn off Display, Put the computer to sleep and Adjust plan brightness. And Finally, save changes.

2 Battery Performance in Windows Laptop or Desktop

5. Close all background process from task manager: To open Task Manager, Right Click on the bottom menu bar > Task Manager. or Search Task manger in Cortana search.
6. Remove unwanted programs or software installed from Control Panel

7. Auto backup data online keep specific interval, not always on
Background Windows Update stop – Sometimes it helpful because the new update in Windows 10 help to save battery life.
8. Use Original Charger
9. Wrong power plan

10. The graphic is very high and unsupported or incompatible, Update your Graphics card and install compatible and latest version of the graphics card.

Track or Check Laptop Battery test

Yes, we can generate laptop battery report using battery report function.

To Activate this, First Give path for save generated a report on your local drive. Press Windows + X and Select command prompt.

In the below command, MYFOLDER replaces with save location path.

type this command: powercfg /batteryreport /output MYFOLDER\mybatteryreport.html

and Press enter. This will create the report (mybatteryreport.html) that can read in your browser, Right-click on it and Open with Browser.

Carefully review all the possible solution discussed in this article for laptop battery not charging or Laptop Battery Saving Tips.