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How to Disable/ Enable flash on IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari: Windows 10, 88, 7

2 Enable Adobe Flash Player settings on Windows 10

Flash media technology is widely used on the internet for many reasons like save bandwidth compared to play video in the form of ads, Short Video and more. But Classic reasons behind are too many like it’s development and creation is very easy. So are you in the problem to play any Flash video or Ads on your Webpage asking always for enabling flash on IE, Chrome, Opera or Safari browser.

Sometimes we need to disable or turn off or update Flash player extension due to crashing, Slower down the browser and many more difficulties.

Sometimes you can’t show add-on for Flash player plugins, at that point first check Adobe Flash player installed or not?

Follow the steps below for Disable/ Enable Flash Player on Windows 10, 8 or 7

Turn on or Enable Flash Player on Windows PC or Laptop: IE

Open IE browser on your Computer or laptop.

Move at the top corner of the screen, Open Settings > View Advanced Settings > Use Adobe Flash Player.

1 Go to IE Browser Settings on Windows Laptop or PC

3 View Advanced Settings on windows IE Browser

Now it’s enabled on the single click on it.

2 Enable Adobe Flash Player settings on Windows 10

Turn on Flash Player on Chrome: Always

Google Chrome Drop the settings for Flash player in new Updated Browser. Check for Update Google Chrome.

Enable Flash on Mozilla Windows

Open Mozilla Firefox menu Then finds “Addons” option.

4 Plugin for enable Flash on windows Laptop or PC

Under Plugins, Find ShockWave Flash option. And Click on Dropdown > Always Activate. or Never Activate that you want.

Disable/ Enable Flash on Opera

Adobe Flash enabled in Opera, Open Opera on Windows Laptop or PC. Find Tools option and Enable Developer mode.

Under All plugin section, Find Adobe Flash Player (Enable it)

More learning guide and help on Activate or Disable Adobe flash player on windows 10/ 9/ 8 PC or Laptop comment on below.

Update or Change Mac Address on Windows 10/ 8/ 7: SIX digit Address

3 SIX Digit Mac address save in Windows Network Adapter

Mac Address is a physical address for your Laptop and desktop that help to define your device uniquely. here we will see how to change Mac address for Network interface card installed in your laptop or Desktop with windows 10, windows 8 or 7.

Network interface card is a bridge between your Gadget and Wireless or Wired Internet connection. And Each Network interface card has unique Media Access Control ID that helps to connect the device in a network with other laptops with IP address.

Mac address in not important and this will not be used for remotely connect your device or White list your device on the network. But the physical address is the only way to define your device in the same network or another.

By changing this six digits alphanumeric code we can beware and save from attacker that attacking from physical Mac address.

Follow the steps below to change Mac Address on windows 10/ 8 or 7

1: Go to the Device manager on your windows system. (or Search Device manager in Cortana search box near to start menu)

2: Under the Device Manager windows, Click on Network Adapters.

1 Wireless Network Adapter on windows

3: Here, you can see the list of all network card that using your Device for network connection.

4: Here, I am changing for Wireless Network Adapter card, “Dell Wireless”.

5: Right click on it, Properties.

3 SIX Digit Mac address save in Windows Network Adapter

6: Go to Advance tab in the window, Find Network Address and Enable Value radio button.

7: Here, Enter SIX digit alphanumeric code that you set for the network card.

That’s it.

Anytime we can update old custom Mac address on the windows system using above same steps. More guide and help comment me on the box below.

Shockwave flash has crashed in Google Chrome, Here’s the fix

2 Shockwave flash crashed on Windows

Google Chrome in windows 10/ 8 or windows 7 support third-party plugins and Chrome has officially built-in important plugins as well. So we need to update our Google chrome on windows or Mac system regularly. This is not a problem at all but you can optimize your chrome browser for the longer time without any problem. Here I fixed error Shockwave flash has crashed, appeared on a yellow tab just below the address bar in Google chrome browser.

Google Chrome or Mozilla, IE browser always use flash player in a browser to run some flash banner ad, Video or other playable content in a browser.

This is the main cause of Adobe installed on the system, but it really helpful before and now when Chrome hasn’t support flash. Now, what happen if two flash plugin installed on Signal chrome browser, both are incompatible each other.

Remove/ Disable one of the flash plugins from Google chrome and fix your problem, let’s see how to remove.

2 Shockwave flash crashed on Windows

Find and Disable Adobe flash Plugin: Fix Shockwave flash has crashed in Google Chrome

Update your Browser with Latest one, Go to Chrome Settings (Tap on horizontal Three dot icon > Help > About Google Chrome), Google Chrome 57 or later version not showing plugin page settings. (Error: chrome://plugins/might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_URL)

The browser is running on older version follow the next steps.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on Windows or Mac, Type chrome://plugins/ in an address bar.

1 Fix error Shockwave flash has crashed in Google Chrome

Step 2: Ctrl + F for finding exact text on a page, Type “Flash” in a text box.

Step 3: Now, Tap on a [+] icon at the end of for details.

Step 4: Click on Flash and Disable Flash plugin that has path: show and highlighted in below image,

Once you make changes, Restart your Browser and Use it.

Also helpful: Google Chrome not Responding.

Yes, we can troubleshoot a flash problem without uninstalling adobe PDF reader or other product from windows system.