How to turn on internet on PC using Android Hotspot via USB

How to turn on internet on PC using Android Hotspot via USB
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New android version up gradation much more improvement now present on mobile, And the people are finding the way to connect or Turn on internet on PC using android Hotspot on Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows 10 installed laptop or desktop. Turn on internet on WiFi device very easy but not on where Wi-Fi device or support not available in system configuration, Just my home assembled desktop running in Windows 8.1.

Turn on internet via USB is more stable and easy to connect with your Desktop. If you want high speed internet with no packet lose then turn on Android Personal hotspot via USB to your Desktop or Laptop as well.Turn on internet on PC using Android Hotspot

Steps for Turn on internet on PC using Android Hotspot: Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7

Step 1: Go to the Setting App on android mobile.

Step 2: Next, Tap on Wireless & networks. Under this tap on Tethering & Portable Hotspot.

Step 3: Then, Tap on USB tethering and turn on, once you enabled this option your connection for internet data transfer allow to other device connected on that. Otherwise, USB doesn’t show in your PC or Laptop.

For the Windows XP installed on PC or Laptop not easy compare to windows 7 or later OS. Turn on internet on PC via Android on PC.

USB tethering is one of the advance benefits compare to Wi-Fi hotspot is that, No one can connect your Open public hotspot internet. This may help to save your cellular data.

Else, if you are doing Wi-Fi personal hotspot on android smart phone then add security password for allow or use your personal hotspot on another device for the verification.

Once you established internet on PC using Android Hotspot via USB, Small notification icon for tethering will be appeared at bottom right. Before that you will get windows of Auto-Play , close it or Set network types (Choose Public network).

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Great Job, Turn on internet on PC using Android Hotspot!  Next we will see how to connect or turn on internet from iPhone to PC or Laptop/ Mac via USB or WiFi. Also share your problem that you want fix in below comment box.

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