10 accessories men must have, you must own in your wardrobe.

accessories men must own in his wardrobe not to impress a girl but for his status symbol. These accessories are branded and costly but you can start collecting these accessories from now onwards. Also men’s wardrobe directly reflects its work ethics, all the impression depends on his accessories.

Let’s go through accessories men must have in his wardrobe:

1> Rolex Watch: This is the only hand accessory in which a man can invest. Its better to have one good time piece than to purchase 10 cheap watches. You can go for Rolex Daytona or Submarine watch.

accessories men must

2> Drakes Tie: number of ties is opposite to what I said about watches. Greater the number of ties a man has better his personality will become. Its better to avoid cheap tie because it will never match with your expensive shirt and will look cheap. According to me you must go for Drakes or Thomas ties. Silk ties are more preferable.

3> Prada wallet: wallet is very important accessory as it stores the money for which you are working day and night. Choose a wallet which is spacious and can store your money as well as credit cards. According to me Prada wallets are best to choose.

4> Salvatore ferragamo Money clips: For those who don’t like to carry wallets with them money clip is alternate solution for them. Money clip make it easy to carry cash in organized manner.

5> Louis Vuitton messenger bag: In our previous post we differentiate about Louis vuitton fake and real bags. Messenger bag is a sign of elegance and is spacious so that you can carry many items at a time.

6> Burberry scarf: Scarf is not just for women, it is for men also. Invest in a high quality burberry scarf and wear it during winter that will keep you warm and stylish.

accessories men must

7> Gucci belt: High quality leather belt can last for a long time. You can go for black color that will match up with most of the colors. Gucci is famous for its belts and you can go for GG pattern Gucci belt.

8> Ray-ban Sunglasses: sunglasses provide protection to your eyes as well as it adds style to you. Best style now a days is aviator style. You can also try wayfarer for cool look.

9> Hermes cufflinks: cufflinks adds professional look to you, as a businessman you must own stylish cufflinks to add your standard.


That’s all about accessories for men, we will come with different topics in future article.

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