5 Best Louis Vuitton Handbags Guide for Fashion Trend

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 since then it is into business of leather goods, it is the most valuable brand since 150 years. Louis Vuitton bags are famous for its craftsmanship and perfect design. Bags are known for its flawless stitching and beauty. Vintage Louis Vuitton bags are still in market and have collectible value. If we go through all the handbags, 5 handbags have attracted market a lot, you can say they are ruling the market of handbags. Let’s see the best Louis Vuitton handbags till now. you can also see post related to expensive Louis vuitton items.

Best Louis Vuitton Handbags:

  • Neverfull:lv-neverfull It is introduced in 2007 but since then it became the best selling handbag among all Louis Vuitton bags. People purchase it for its wearability, craftsmanship and beauty. It is stron enough to carry a lot of things in it. As its name suggests “Neverfull” You can put as many items in it but it will never gets full. It can be used for any party occasion or you can carry it at dinner. It comes in monogrammed design along with a small pouch with it.
  • The Speedy:lv-speedy Speedy is one of the affordable bag among all the high end models. Any person of any age can wear it easily and is a lot comfortable to carry with its cross body strap and duffle like shape. Speedy comes in damier canvas epi leather as well as monogrammed canvas.
  • The Noe:lv-petit-noe Story behind the manufacturing of Noe is quiet interesting, In 1932 a champagne maker requested Louis Vuitton to make a bag that will carry five bottles and can be easily transferred from one place to another, Louis Vuiton create Noe. It comes in three different sizes including nano.
  • The capucines:lv-capucine Its name came from the street where Louis Vuitton opened its first shop “Rue des Capucines”. This bag was launched in 2013 and comes in the category of Hermes, because of its shape structured silhouette, rigid handle and metallic monogram clasp. Recently LV has released limited edition versions including wild flower design.
  • The Alma:Best Louis Vuitton Handbags It was released in 1934 one of the oldest LV’s handbag famous for its monogrammed canvas, damier epi leather and monogrammed vernis. Louis Vuitton also releases alma for limited editions.
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