How To Add Smart Widgets On Samsung Galaxy S22 

Samsung Galaxy S22, the latest beast comes with amazing new features and mind-blowing hardware specifications. Talking about the device you can customize and get a modified version and get the best out of it.

Adding widgets can make your device more attractive and make it an easier way to access the applications through the phone display itself. 

To add the smart and cool widgets let me drive you through a simple process and definitely you will get to it in just a few minutes !!

Follow these small steps :

  1. Kindly long-tap on the blank screen of the device.
  2. Tap on the widgets icon or something like this .

  1.  You will get an option of a widget. Kindly select the widget you want by clicking long.
  1.  Slide the widget to the homescreen. 
  1. Listed an option of widgets you can search for any widget.
  1.  You can also search for smart widgets in the settings as shown above. 
  2. Add a smart widget through the setting too.
  1.  These are the simple following steps to add widgets in the same way as added before.

How to Remove Widget from Galaxy S22

If you want to remove the widgets you can remove it easily by some moves :

  1.  Hold a bit the widget you want to remove.
  2. You will get an option to remove on either side of the icon.
  3. Tap on the remove and it will get removed from your device. 
  4. OR you will get an option to slide the widget to remove on the top. 

Alright, that’s it and you are ready to use the special and smart widgets over your smart device.


You can also add the widget directly through the application. If the application supports the widget you can by just holding the app and tap on more you will see an option to add an widget.


How to resize the widgets ?

 To resize the widget just hold on the widget for a few seconds. If the widget seems to be resizable it will automatically allot the dotted line at the edges of the widget. So, you can drag the widget through up and down and adjust it according to your needs. After the dragging just tap on the other side of the screen. 

How to add an always-on feature of the clock on Samsung S22?

To obtain this feature you will need to operate your device by going into the setting followed by the Lock screen on it. Go to the always-on display tab. Kindly tap on the clock type and you will see an option to add a feature called “ IMAGE CLOCK ”. Additionally, you can also change the colours.


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