Adidas logos How to identify Real or Fake: On Shoes [Sneaker], T-Shirt, Pants

trefoil logo real

Hello friends, from today onwards we will post about Adidas brand. Our last posts were related to Louis Vuitton brand, hope you read it and found it useful. Similar to those posts we will tell you the difference between fake and original Adidas products.

Unlike other brands Adidas has more than one registered logo. So for today let us discuss only about different type of logos that adidas uses on their products. We will go through each and every logo and the items or categories of product where it is used.

Adidas logos identify real or fake

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1: Three stripes: Most common logo that adidas used in its early stage was three black stripes. There was no specific pattern or product on which it was used. Adidas used these stripes on every product it manufactured. Even the new logos are inspired from three stripes pattern. So there is no need of adidas written on product if it bears three stripes which clearly identifies it as adidas products. Now days you come across products such as track suits and trousers which bears three stripes on it.

three strips logo real

2: The trefoil logo: It was the second logo that came into picture after three stripes logo. This logo also has the view of three stripes both diagonally and vertically. This logo is manufactured to show that adidas was a lot larger and diverse brand at that time. Now days this logo is used on classic products manufactured by adidas.

trefoil logo real

3: The three bars logo: This logo consists of three bars on increasing order. These bars tells us that you have to go further with more huddles and you need to push yourself. This is the latest adidas logo and it can be seen on most of the adidas products related to sports.

three bars logo

Main thing you need to keep in mind is none of the logos appear together on a same product. here you can identify fake product using this important tip.

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