Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 and 750 fake vs. real

fake inside adidas yeezy

In our last post we introduced about adidas brand and its logo. We also mentioned about one tip that adidas will never put two different logos on one item. In today’s post we will give you idea about famous adidas yeezy boost shoes.
Adidas yeezy boost shoes come in two variations 350 and 750. Normally both the shoes will follow the same pattern so same pointers will apply on both the shoes. While purchasing used shoes keep in mind that no one will sell it below $300 because it has more resale value as it is considered as collectible.

Adidas Yeezy boost 350 and yeezy boost 750 fake vs. real:

1> The main thing that co mes with shoes is box. Adidas yeezy box will always shows six size boxes on it for size variations of different countries. If you come across any yeezy box that has only three size variations than that item is surely fake. Image shows both real and fake boxes.

real adidas box fake adidas box

2> Adidas yeezy brand tag on tongue inside will always say made in china or any other company but it will never say “sample made in china”. Authentic yeezy never makes sample and allow them to sale in market. Image shows both real and fake inside tongue.

fake inside adidas yeezy: Adidas yeezy boost

3> One more point you can notice in tongue that it will always mention gender either male or female. On above image you can see that fake one does not contain any gender written on it.

There are chances that sellers use words like UA or unauthorized authentic to sell their item but it only means replica shoes. Adidas never make UA or factory seconds. They are only high quality replicas. Be aware of fake items. Stay connected with us, we have more adidas information to share with you. Like our post and ask anything about this brand for more information.

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