Adidas yeezy boost authentic vs. unauthentic shoes

random stitching adidas

In my last post I shared some examples with image about Adidas yeezy boost authentic box and tongue. Today we will continue with other areas where we will find more points. Replica makers don’t know every point of genuine shoes and that’s the reason they make mistake in replicating.

We have documents for many high end brands such as Hermes, Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors and many more, as time passes we will share you as much as possible. But for now let us continue with Adidas Yeezy boost.

Adidas yeezy boost authentic vs. unauthentic

  • Lets start with exterior design. On both the shoe you will either find “YZY” or “trefoil” logo. These logos are of perfect size, not too small nor too big, If you see too big logo on shoe than you can consider it as replica. Both the images show logo for real and fake item.adidas outer logo 2: Adidas Yeezy boost authentic adidas outer logo 1
  • Front part of shoes has zig zag pattern made by stitching but it follow a definite pattern, while fake shoes don’t follow any pattern it has random stitching on it.random stitching adidas
  • Inner sole of adidas yeezy consist of a definite pattern that is not followed by cheap replica. Unauthentic shoes consist of simple white inner sole with just adidas written on it. Genuine item consist adidas logo and design on back side of sole. Image describes the difference between both of them.back sole adidas

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