Android P full Names, Full Forms & Version names: Full Guide

Are you ready for android new version? New version of android P is coming soon. That’s android “P”. Last version android 8.0 Oreo. That’s have lots of facility and best features. Pixel device launch inn short time on another android mobile phone. So we think that phone has new version that called Android 9.0.

Here we have some latest information about upcoming android version P. (9.0) 2018.

Here we are not discussing about their features but we just forecast Android P name. when Android 8.0 name found that time we go website and found various sweet name like that similar way we also go with web and found Android P name.

Android P full form and Version Names

What is Android P full name upcoming version?

1: Android P(9.0) PANNA COTTA

Panna cotta is a origin word of Italy. And their English meaning is “ cooked cream”.

2: Android P (9.0) Android PANCAKE

Pancake is most glorious and delicious breakfast of America.

3: Android P (9.0) PEANUT BRITTLE

Embedded peanuts and hard sugar mix and made one thing that Peanut. First time made in south America and January 26 celebrated that day National Peanut Billet Day.

4: Android P (9.0)PARFAIT

It is a France sweet frozen dish.

5: Android P(9.0)PEDA

Peda is a Indian popular sweet.


Peanut butter cookie is important “rescue food” that healthy diet.

7: Android P (9.0): POPSICLE

Google interest in Kitkat & Oreo so we think may be Google will be selecting this Popsicle name for new android version. Popsicle is one of the brand names that promote ice pops.

8: Android P (9.0) PEACAN PIE

It’s give ice cream flavour. And celebrate national pecan pie day is 12nd July.

9: Android P (9.0) PASTRY

This is one of the common ways to satisfy your mouth is to have a piece of sweet pastry. First time Ancient Egypt people made pastry. National pastry day, 9th December.

10: Android P (9.0) PUMPKIN PIE

Pumplin pie is the most famous in Christmas celebration. It’s most strong thing contender for android version 9.0 (P) name competition.

11: Android P (9.0) PRALINE

This is sweet that first time made in 1912 Belgian. So this delisiouus desserts name start with pthat known as Belgian Chocolates.

12: Android P (9.0) PANDORO

This is sweet yeast bread that born in Verona Italy.

13: Android P (9.0) POPOVER

Popover is known as by pop over. It’s a forming by hollow shell.

14: Android P (9.0) POACHED PEARS

Here one important thing that pears passed by steamy boiling system and  turn to delicious for humans.

15: Android P (9.0) PETHA

It’s not peda so don’t confuse. It’s a originated in city of TAJ MAHAL and it made by pumpkin.    16:

16: Android P (9.0) PUNCH

It’s is a hot drinks.

 17: Android P (9.0) PINEAPPLE

Pineapple is sweet, tangy and tasty fruit so people like it most. And loved it. May be goggle give chance to name of new android version.

18: Android P (9.0) PROFITEROLE

Profiterole is a cream is typically sweet.

19: Android P (9.0) PASTILLE

This is chewy, hard and gum like candy. It’s used sometime special purpose of medicines.

We present try to expand that list of future name. so guys can you think about name of android P so

comment to me and share it and enjoy because Google give best Android P name in Future.

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