How to auto Delete browsing history or Clear Cache on Chrome, IE on Close

Choose auto clear History on Exit

Auto delete or Clear browsing history on Chrome or Internet Explorer, Firefox is the prevention steps for anyone can spy on your personal or public Laptop/ PC at School, College or at office especially.  This is the cool tips for windows or Mac users who can set it in just a minute from browser settings here are explained.

Note: To remove this setting once you set, you need manually action by disabling this features through same way explained in below.  This option is browser dependent not system, So works on all windows versions (Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7, Ubuntu or Mac)

how to clear cache Google Chrome: To Clear Specific Web page cache from browser use Shift + F5 key (Us Fn key if not access function key directly for specific laptops). it will refresh webpage and reload fresh content without use source caches.

how to clear cache firefox Mozilla: Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Remove Whole Cache and Cookie for specific time interval see the below tips,

Steps for Set Auto delete or clear browsing history on Chrome, IE or Mozilla FireFox

Keyboard Shortcut for Google Chrome Clear Browsing Cache and Cookies option: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Or Follow the below steps,

Step 1: Go to the Google Chrome and Open it on System (Laptop, PC or Mac).Auto delete or Clear browsing history on Chrome from setting option

Step 2: Click on Customize and Control google chrome icon at top right corner of the browser.

Step 3: Next, Tap on Settings.Google chrome setting option

Step 4: Scroll down and Expand Show Advanced Settings.History option on Chrome

Step 5: Under the Privacy, Click on Content Settings Button. Choose Clear cookies and other site and Plugin data when I close my browser.

Update for Chrome: Above option no longer available in the last update, Due to ad targeting.  But i recommended try private browsing (incognito chrome mode) (Ctrl + Shift + N).

Auto delete all browsing history in Internet Explorer

Keyboard Shortcuts on how to clear cache in internet explorer: Ctrl + Shift + Delete

or Go to below steps,

Go to the Browser top menu tab (Not appeared then press F10 to view) > Tools > Internet Options.Open menu tab on Internet Explorar

Now, Option windows popup will appear on the screen. Under the general section, Choose auto delete history on exit option, Show in below screen.Choose auto clear History on Exit

For Mozilla FireFox [Or Use Ctrl + Shift + Delete keyboard Shortcut]

Go to Options menu at top right corner > Next Go for Option.

Under the Privacy from right pane > History. Choose Use Custom Settings for history.

Also, select Clear history when Firefox close.

Above is the clear guide for Auto delete or Clear browsing history on Chrome, IE or Firefox. Now feel safe for cheat and Share with a smile to your Friends.

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