Why Does Battery Drain Fast on HTC? Here’s the fix

Specially for all android users, Time to go all geeks are confusing about battery problem as of time to go for different android mobile, But some reasons are most common, that we can try on all android devices (Mobile, Tablets). Commonly Fast battery drain problem arise on old android mobile, Due to hardware fault or android mobile OS version. Let’s check how we can optimize overall mobile performance from HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Google Phone. Power, Battery life saver techniques and apps suggest and bit Battery Drain Fast on HTC, LG, Samsung and Other mobile.

First review your product trouble shooting guide on official website, some of the time company fault is the good chance to get refresh gadget. Or some third-party apps throwing difficulties to run on specific model or company mobile.Battery Drain Fast on HTC mobile

Ways to fix Battery drain Fast on HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola or Google Nexus

For android Platform, We have great third party apps for battery saving model based. That’s you can try at first, it manage all types’ mobile performance for optimize battery and process running on background. Also helps to find incompatible installed apps, Buggy codes and Warning for fix battery drain problem.

Find which process or app killing your battery

Each android gadgets now above to show the list of battery usage, so you can identify where you need more power. Like auto unlock screen taking more battery, Screen Brightness, Games app or some all-time running app in background.

Go to the Settings App > Battery > List of app percentage wise battery usage.

Find Running app and Force close

First reviews app apps list that’s running in background, without any app or Third party app that’s not catch missing app running in background that you can trigger from official setting.

Go to the Setting App > Apps > Pick App from List > Force Close.

Restart your Device

Restart by press power button for 10 seconds continuously, until your screen close or Press again wake button for restart.

Turn off Mobile Data or WiFi when note in Use

If you are not using internet on mobile web browser or on App, Then turn off Wi-Fi or Cellular data completely.  On Some places week signal or no signal for internet connection, Your device continually identify network coverage that’s consume too more power as you aspect. Go with good habit about use internet on android mobile.

Disable 4G option

If you are in not 4G area or not running 4G cellular data plan, that set convenient options from 2G or 3G.

Update apps from play store

Go to the Play Store > My apps & Games > Installed > Update.

Some Other Quick Solution should be work for your case

  • Also turn off GPS or Bluetooth
  • Remove/ Uninstall third party app from your android smart phone

Hope that upcoming Android N, new android version auto optimized and will decrease battery Drain Problems. See, Android N Compatible HTC model.

Be positive and Follow the above alternate ways and Troubleshooting tips and solution for Battery Drain Fast on HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Google Phone (Nexus).

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