Best Air Fryers of 2024 – Reviews and Under $100, $200, $300

3.Big Boss Air fryer under 100

This is the main part of the kitchen that always helps us to make fried, crispy on the outside, smooth in the inner side, perfectly moist in inside of food and deep fried. And you hate more oil? Also, it oil from fried junk go straight to your hips & stomach? Our hand their solution that we present some best air fryer 2018. Air fryer uses lots of, Made crispy and smooth food in short time.

Air fryer target- it gives the crunchy test without using more oil. Also, low-fat chicken fries easily and come out with perfectly golden brown color. Philips air fryers also give many advantages, it’s made the recipe without oil (too less oil). First, read air fryer review and then know air fryer prices and after buying it on Amazon.

For health: Cynthia Sass Dietitian Nutritionist always suggest us use to Air fryer because Amazon Air fryers always save calories. It gives crispy, crunchy Instead of food sinking in oil. Air fryer target is using less oil so can save calories and fat. their support our weight gain and weight loss. Made best air fryer recipe and enjoy with your friends.

The Best Air Fryer on Amazon

Here is the list of selected best Air fryer 2018. That gives you crispy food test.

Philips Air fryer under 300

1 philips air fryer 2018


This is the 2018’s Best Air fryer overall. This is Philips air fryer made by Rapid technology. this air fryer spread hot air with evenly and precision to cook food.

  • It has a smart present button that remembers your favorite dishes setting. And automatic shut-off.
  • Maximum 4 people food you can cook in one time.
  • Digital touch screen system so, you can customize it very easily.
  • It has removable non-stick basket and drawer.
  • You can easily make grill, bakes, roasts and fried food.
  • And it has a dishwasher so, easy to clean dish.
  • 100% test satisfaction.
  • Cook to frozen snake quickly.
  • You can get free recipe book and app that covered 150 recipes.

Price- $299.00

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T-Fat Actifry Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer- best air fryer under 150

2.T fat Actify Airfyer under 150

This is great Air fryer. It is good temperature controller, good oil filtering and easy to clean. Most of recipe use to only a few oils like one tablespoon of oil, or no oil at all!

  • It food capacity 1kg.
  • Digital timer with buzzer for control. Two buttons for monitoring.
  • The non-stick pan that removal ceramic coated for easy to clean up.
  • Secure it oil-free, safe splatter, stay-cool outdoor. Make odorless cooking.
  • Safe part of the dishwasher for fast clean up. Free color recipe book.
  • It has LED screen, automatic lid open at push the key.
  • So, guys buy this best air fryer and make best delicious healthy food.

Price – $149.00

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Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer- Air Fryer Under 100

3.Big Boss Air fryer under 100

  • it has three cooking power: infrared, halogen and convection.
  • It is an excellent air fryer.
  • You can also use bake, roast, sear and slow-cook food.
  • You can fry easily to make food.
  • It has two cooking plates than can fry multiple foods.
  • Cook food only in 3 minutes. Here no guarantee for cooking time.
  • If you want fast cook than you can use the higher temperature.
  • This air fryer specially made for French tries & wings.

Price- $79.00

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GoWISE USA electric Air fryer

4. GoWISE electrick Airfryer

  • Here one good news that it has 8 preset buttons for quick meals. This eight quick buttons including chips, pork, shrimp, chicken, fish also cake. Yes! Now you can back a cake in this GoWISE air fryer.
  • This is the best and latest model of electric air fire. Guys, enjoy various food without more oil and calories.
  • Touchscreen switch available.
  • You can prepare different food like crispy, juicy, smooth without oil through adjustable temperature from 180 x 400 degrees
  • For the specific recipe, it has different customizable temperature and time detective with specific cooking guidance.
  • Detachable basket available. It makes one reason that you are the transferred food easy way to plate.
  • When you remove basket that time this Air Fryer automatic turn off.

Price -$77.00

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Air Fryer XL by Cozyna


  •  It gives free recipe book and basket divider.
  • This cozyna XL is fat controller Air Fryer.
  • It also makes a cake for family.
  • Here put your food only basket and if you want then add oil otherwise not.
  • You add only less than tablespoon oil and enjoy your favorite food grill, fried, baked and roasted food.
  • This is the multicooker air fryer.
  • If you are not satisfied with this air fryer than the company will give you money return guarantee.

Price – $109.99

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