Best Google chrome extension for Business, Internet users

Google chrome most powerful and user-friendly browser for web running on Mac, Windows, Also available on other high end mobile devices or tablets. And third-party Best Google chrome extension for Business more help by installing with your browser, that’s easy to access or open when you want in fastest way compare to another web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Safari). Google made separate portion for extension just like your private store, From there you can browse your query and read reviews, ratings officially for more trust and help from others formal users.

Below I gave list of all Extension that you can use for business, Bookmark this page for more helping extension in future help.Best Google chrome extension for Business in windows

Top best Google Chrome Extension for Business in windows, Mac or Linux

Go to the chrome web store in your browser, Search with name in store and Add to chrome. And wait for seconds. It will be shown at top right corner tab.

Alexa – Website traffic and rank checker

Alexa toolbar for chromeAlexa Know the rank of your website based on worldwide ranking; Based on ranking you can compare two websites, Users and identity in the world. Alexa rank as low, Power of website is high. Markers, Business and Blogger always keep this plugin installed in Google chrome, To check any website rank, Just click on blue icon at near top right tab. More analysis you can see backlinks (Best way to see backlinks for SEO master), Page load time and more.


Password manager for chromeLastPass Password manage for mobile (iPhone, Android) you know that, but not for the web that’s made your login fast. Auto fill your login details at all social profile and login page that your saved inside Laspass chrome extension. To use this extension, Register yourself and enter details that you don’t want remember.


Pocket for save work and access offlineGet pocket is helps to save all the things from any web page or social media to your private pocket. It’s easy to use on save for later use. Pocket also available other mobile platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kobo). Signup your account in free and enjoy unlimited work under top security. Once you saved your work you can see without internet connection.


Easy writing for chromeGrammarly keep eye on your when you type text on any webpage or comment. For the English learner and Expert save from that and keep your personally more powerful without any typing mistake. Grammarly is light program for your fastest browser.


Mightytext is useful on transform your work from desktop to your android mobile as text. Windows, Mac users can send text to mobile device without any cellular charge.

Evernote for workEvernote: save work at your browser, without minimize or close access your saved urls and more.

Above all are the top Best Google chrome extension for Business, Personal or professional use.

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