Best mens wallet brands, stylish and expensive around the world

Wallet is one of the accessories for men; Good quality wallet is a must for men. Men have few accessories to buy for which wallet is one of them. Wallet is considered as one of the status symbol. Wherever you go you carry this accessory and hence it values a lot for you. Let’s see some of the most valuable and expensive brands of wallet which manufactures leather items. Best mens wallet brands consist of names like Louis vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Mont Blanc, Goyard and many more.

Best mens wallet brands:

Mont Blanc:mont-blanc From 1906 this brand is famous for its writing items such as pens, but from 1926 it started its business in leather goods. Mont Blanc adapted its name from the highest peak in Alps. It manufactures calf skin wallets which are perfectly manufactured.

Bootega Veneta:Best mens wallet brands This brand is famous for its leather goods. It invented leather weaving technique known as intrecciato. These wallets are perfect in terms of new look to leather goods.

Louis Vuitton:louis-vitton1 Louis Vuitton started its business as trunk seller. It only wanted to develop its business in trunk line. But now this brand has done lots of things and gone a way into the business of leather goods. It became fashion symbol and most valuable brand.

Hermes:hermes2 When you hear the name Hermes you always think of Birkin bag and thinks that it is not our budget to purchase. But wait Hermes also manufactures hype which can come into your budget. Same quality as Birkin bag.

Goyard:goyard One of the oldest leather goods brand in existence. It manufactures all the items from hat to shoes. It guarantees you that the product will be unique and best.

Tom Ford:tom-ford Tom Ford is not a legend in market but started some years back. It made a good reputation in market and is in direct competition with Gucci and YSL. It manufactures good quality products.

Gucci:gucci2 Started business from single shop in 1921 by selling leather goods, this company has grown so big that every celebrity owns one of the Gucci products.

Christian Louboutin:chistianloudoutin This brand not only manufactures shoes or sandals but it is also in the business of wallets and purses. Since 1991 this brand is serving us with famous signature red colored goods.

This is all for best mens wallet brands. Please read our previous post related to belts.

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