Best Pregnancy Apps for Android of 2021: Pregnancy Tracker & Time

best pregnancy app for android 2018

Pregnancy is world best feeling. Be pregnant is most memorable memory mom have. Here so helpful apps to protect physical pain during pregnancy. Here we talk about a useful app that uses every pregnant woman.

Pregnancy is a process that in which a pregnant lady carries fertilized embryo inside her the uterus. That time parents are cautious about mom & baby. So guys here best pregnancy bump app 2018. This app you people download easily any android mobile and tablet like Samsung, Lenovo, Mi, Motorola, Blackberry, Karbonn Aura, Micromax, honor.


1: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development countdown

About 400 million expecting mom & dad choose this app. This pregnancy tracker app guides you during the pregnancy period. It gives daily new baby development video and best pregnancy tips. You can easily search your simple health information by best medical expert and prepare changes to your body and baby future.


Here also available baby photo dairy, lots of baby name, birth plan contraction timer and baby kick counter, real childbirth video, sleep guide and slow best music for baby, all helpful information. Health and pregnancy exercise idea, best food and nutrition idea, vitamins and healthy snacks, baby product, ultrasound experience and much more tip available here.

It’s the perfect app for a pregnant lady.


2: Ovia Pregnancy (Ovia fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator)

This app features are helpful and amazing and give a quick link to pregnancy. This app provides a better plan for the action of ensuring overall mother health. It had lots of tips about symptoms. Ovia heath app uses science data and your daily detail to deliver plans and abutting alerts for risks health. This app teaches to confidence.

2 ovia fertility

This app gives lots of instruction like fertility tips, prediction of ovulation, reproductive health, also it easy to handle your generating health and bring pregnant faster. This is the best app so soon install on your android mobile.


3:  I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

This is very informative app it will recommend to any pregnant lady. About 1 million pregnant woman and other woman use to I’m Expecting app is most important Pregnancy App For Blood Pressure. I’m Expecting pregnancy app 2018 administer to you weekly and the monthly update of what changes with your body and your baby. Also, you view baby advancement video and pregnancy clip.

3 pregnancy app 2018

First, enter your date and after start your pregnancy journey. Lots of facilities give us this pregnancy app. You quickly get baby’s growth & changes video, apps track your symptoms and after its comparison with another pregnant lady, maintain you weigh, here so many ideas you get. It is better than another hurry up! Download this Best Pregnancy App For 2018.


4: Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown Calendar

Are you expecting?

So download this app and show your baby

Grow every day. Also, it gives you unique as your pregnancy, tracks your weight, more than 100+ possible symptoms, daily and weekly updates, 2000+ pregnancy articles, tools, case in point of your baby’s foot.  And hand current video, doctor appointment reminders, support and loss pregnancy problem solution, baby bump picture and other information. That type amazing features this app has. Detail about nutrient your baby pregnancy; you easily track your vitamins also an available chart of sleep.

4 pregnancy app for boy & girl

This app is beautiful; everyone really loves it because it gives calendar detail to track everything during the pregnancy and ways to customize.


5: Baby Bump pregnancy pro

A baby bump is comprehensive pregnancy app that informs us pregnancy progress, empowers tracking and sharing experience with your friend’s group and family.

5 pregnanacy app for mom

This baby bumps pregnancy pro app has lots of features. You quickly meet another parent trough this app. here you know about good baby product .you calculate your LMP. It gives you trimester information. You will see your baby picture every week. Also daily track cravings, appetite, mood and morning sickness and another report. Here also available 24,000 baby name with meaning, gender, and origin. You people watch born baby video and check of new-born baby essentials.


Above all best pregnancy apps are very useful prove for a pregnant lady. So download it and make your pregnancy easy. And enjoy this grateful day. Install it share it.

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