Best Valentine day Wishes of 2021: Cards, Quotes, Ideas and Wallpapers

We present here best valentine day wishes quotes 2018 for husband, wife, friend, boyfriend and lover.

Best Valentine Day Wishes of 2018 New

1: Valentine Day Wishes for Husband.

Hey guys you preparations for upcoming valentine day 2018 have stared. so friends here romantic best valentine wishes for hubby 2018 you can use it write on that gift and card.

3 valentine day wishes for husband (2) 3 valentine day wishes for husband

1:   You are all that

I have longer for

You are have made my

Dream come true

There is no greater one

Gift to have

Than being loved

By you my love

Happy valentine my


2:   Everyday with you

Feels Like a Dream. No

Matter Where I go or

What I do, you are the

Last thought that puts

Me to sleep each night

And the first thought

That wakes me up every

Morning.  I love my life

Because, it has you

Happy valentine

My lovely Husband.

3:  Happy valentine day my dear.

When I am with you I am happy.

When we hug it’s like I don’t

Ever want to let go, when

You make me smile it brings

The sunshine out in me,

When I see you and our

Eyes meet, it’s like

Something I’ve never

Felt before.

4:  When someone speak of love,

They have a smile on their face.

When someone speaks of love,

They think of very special place.

When someone speaks of love,

It is done in kindness.

When someone speaks of love,

It is not with dismay.

Wont your speak of love,

And brighten someone day

Wish you very happy valentine day my love.

5:                      you are my life,

You are my happy,

You are inspiration,

You are my everything,

I love you my love.

Wish you happy valentine day.

6:            Having you in my life…

Is a beautiful feeling…

                    You make me feel

So Special

With all that you say

And all that you do…

         And today all I want to say is…

                   You are the one

                           I love

and no matter what

I will forever keep loving you!

Happy Valentine Day My Heartbeat

7:                My days and nights,

Are spent thinking about you.

My dreams have come true,

Now that you are in my life.

Happy Valentine ’s Day my husband.

8:     if you want purpose than use it:

                       I love you more today than yesterday and

I’ll love you more tomorrow than today,

Please be my valentine forever!

9:                  Happy valentine day hubby.

You make me feel really romantic,

And special and weak at the knees

I love you heaps my husband my life long lover.

10:                   Valentine’s


I love you with all my heart

Right from the very start


Our love grows stronger every day

With everything you do and say


Happy Valentine Day

Our love is here so stay.

2. Best Valentine Day Wishes for Wife: 2018

Love is extraordinary feeling in the world so dear friends you share your lovely feeling with your beautiful wife and share this best valentine wishes for wife 2018:

1 Valentine day card and Quotes 3 valentine day wishes for wife

1:                    I love you, you annoy

Me more than I ever

Thought possible. But i

Want to special spend every

Irritating minute with


Happy valentine day.

2:               happy valentine day my beloved wife.

I don’t want

a perfect

Person, I just

Want, someone

To act silly

With, someone

Who treat me

Well & love

Being with

Me more than


3:                               I never thought it

Was possible to

Fall in love with

Someone over and

Over again, but

Then I met you

Finally I fall in love with you

Happy valentine day my love.

4:                    love is like cloud….love is like

A dream…love is one word and

Everything in between…

Love is a fairytale come true….i

Found love when I found you.

Happy valentine day my gorgeous wife.


5:                     As busy as we might get, we

Must remind each other that we

Are still sweetheart and that

Will remain forever.

Now that is a valentine day,

Allow me to express how happy

I am to have you in my life!

Love you

Happy valentine day my valentine.

3. Best Valentine Day Wishes for Lovers of 2018

Hello lovers!!! Valentine is most beautiful day in whole year. it’s lovely and romantic day. Here we present some best valentine day wishes for lovers 2018. so you can use it and reach your lover heart by sending.

3 valentine day wishes for lover 4 valentine day wishes for lover

1:                love assembles the enjoyment in

The pitiful separated and the

Delight in a heart happy  valentine

Day card.

Be my valentine.

Happy valentine day.

2:                  My valentine’s day recipe for you:

½ cup of hugs

2/3  cups of kisses

4 oz of snuggles

&10 lbs of choclets.

Happy Valentine sweetheart.

3:                    Happy valentine day

Late me make this special day even

More magical and romantic for you

A day you will never forget

It all start with a sweet.

4:                       I May Be Away but

I am Sure…

Even When We Are

Far Apart…

Distance Can Never Change

The Love I Have For You

In My Heart…

Happy Valentine Day My Love.

5:                                       If I could give

You one thing in

Life, I would

Give you the

Ability to see


Through my

Eyes, only them

Would you realize

How special you

Are to me…

Happy valentine day!

Love you lot’s.

4. Best Valentine Wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Every year 14 February every people is a more waited day. This romantic day valentine greetings, cute valentine wishes for a boyfriend. Here we present valentine message for boyfriend. Use it.  Enjoy it. And make your valentine romantic.

3 valentine day wishes for girl friend 3 valentine day wishes for boy friend

1:                                         I feel so lucky that you chose me in the whole world

I will always be thank full to you

Happy heart day my honey!


2:                                            when I thought of you that time,

Heart make heart beat run fast

Make me breathe so hard, and I perspire a lot!!

You are most lovable person

I love you

Happy valentine day!


3:                                       I always feel special whenever you with me,

So secured every time I am wrapped by your strong arms.

So loved whenever your lips touches mine.

I love you so much

Happy valentine day my prince charm.


4:                             I love you because you are the real man that I feel so,

Comfortable with,

I love you because you deserve to be loved.

Most of all, I love you so much because you should me the true,

Meaning of true love,

And give the real feeling of love and how it is be loved.

Happy heart day my love.


5:                            I will  never get to tired of loving you

my heart beat like

“best partner”

you are one of the blessings that I value the most

happy valentine day!

5. Valentine wishes for best friend, Father and Mother 2018

We all people have one good friend. We need friend because of share to our happiness, problem. When feeling lonely they give us. No one take place friend. True friendship is very important no one understands like true friends. So this valentine day how can I forget to with him/her? So here we present Valentine’s Day wishes for friend 2018. And feel them they are also important on your life on only bf/gf. You can send this special valentine day wishes for friend 2018.

3 valentine day wishes for friend (2) 3 valentine day wishes for friend

1:                                       hey my best friend

Don’t forget past mistake learn from them,

And repeat them in future.

Happy valentine day.

2:                                you are my best part in heart.

Your friendship gives me strength,

happiness and courage at every stage in my life.

Never let me alone.

Happy valentine day my dear friend.


3:                                 you always forgive me.

We do many mistake in part. So,

This valentine day is a distance to do,

things in right way and correct our mistakes.

Happy valentine day!


4:                       Throw old bad memories,

make new good memories,

establish new goals and try hard,

to fulfill your dreams.

Happy valentine day my friend.


5:                           As the clock strike 12,

Its end of 2017 and start of valentine day 2018 morning.

I wish that this valentine day,

Fill your life with joy, happiness, fun filled, laughter filled,

and all sorrows of past year disappear.

Happy valentine 2018 my friend.

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