5 Best Ways to Hide Apps on Android Without Disabling on OnePlus, Galaxy or Other Mobile

Do you want to Hide your app? when people decide to hide app first they can think of is disabling, or uninstalling it. but if you disable or uninstall apps So, you have to set up the app from scratch. avoid these all here we share with you best Hide Apps on Android With­out Disabling on Android device.

Why Would People Want to Hide Apps on Android?

Every people have a different reason to hide apps. let’s see some possibility Why Would People Want to Hide Apps on Android?

  • > if your android device is stolen or lost, but if you hide the app in your device, your personal and private information will be safe. and your personal information will far from other eyes.
  • > someone may have family members that don’t believe in privacy. here hiding app is the best way to protect your personal privacy.
  • > most of the businessmen may choose to hide apps on their device to protect their business secrets, financial data, intellectual property, and important files.
  • > sometime more applications make a disturbance to find our important app and can cause confusion. and more apps down your device energy. so it’s the best way to hide the Unnecessary app.
  • > in short, Hiding these apps clean up the user experience and can help your device perform better.

How To Hide Apps On Android Device  (Samsung, OnePlus, Redmi, etc):  Without Disabling The Apps Use Different Tricks

Hide app on android mobile without app

Hide app on android mobile without app


use this launcher and hide the app from Android devices like Samsung, OnePlus, and Redmi. Here’s how to do it on them.

Hide Apps on Samsung One UI Launcher.

  • > Go to the home screen.
  • > long press empty press on black space on the screen.
  • > Tap On-screen setting.
  • > Scroll down the screen.
  • > Tap hide apps.
  • > Now select the app that you want to hide.

Hide Apps on Xiaomi Redmi Phones

  • > On phones running MIUI.
  • > Open the security app.
  • > Go to the app.
  • > Tap on App lock.
  • > Now select the app that you want to hide.

Hide Apps Using OnePlus Launcher

  • > Open the home screen.
  • > Open the app drawer.
  • > Swipe right from the left edge of the screen.
  • > Here you will see Hidden Space (+).
  • > Tap the add icon (+).
  • > Select the app that you want to hide.


if your mobile has not the ability to hide app, you can third-party launchers. such as POCO and Evie. You can hide the applications in these launchers using the Hidden Apps option available in the launcher settings.

  • Check out our detailed post with detailed applications about detailed launchers that allow you to hide applications.


The application identified by their name and icon. you can change the application name and icon easily using the launcher. here we will you step for nova launcher.

  • > Open the app drawer in the nova launcher.
  • > Long tap on the app icon that you want to hide.
  • > Tap edit from the menu.
  • > Now you can change the name of the app from App Label.
  • > Keep it any different names like Alarm, Calculator.
  • > Tap the app icon.
  • > Change the icon on the next screen.
  • > Set it simple so other people would think it’s a system app.


here we share with you a simple way to hide apps is to add them to a folder. give folder that type name so people dont be interested to tap on it. you can hide the app on either the app drawer or on the home screen based on where you added the app in a folder.

  • If you don’t like the app drawer, check out the best lunchers without the app drawer.


if you want to hide the apps without any launcher, you can use multiple users’ features. every profile is independent of other And installed applications are available on the profile where they are installed. if you new users. go with the below settings.

> Open Setting gear icon.
> Tap system under the setting gear icon.
> Tap add a user. (every device settings are different)
> Once the user is created, switch to the user icon in the Quick Panel.

These all are best and easy tips to hide apps on android with­out disabling. share which one you like most, share in the comment below or send your feedback.

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