Bluetooth disappeared windows 10, Not Working on Windows 10: PC, Laptop

Bluetooth is alternate file sharing and uses with Bluetooth devices remotely and wirelessly securely. Now too many problems normally arise while we use Bluetooth feature on our Windows 10 laptop or Desktop. Problems are Bluetooth Disappeared on Windows 10Bluetooth icon missing from Taskbar, Bluetooth not opening device, Bluetooth is disconnecting and too many reasons. Also, I try to give really best and useful fix and user guide on my personal experiments and friends.

Bluetooth is the hardware device that Pre-Installed on the system. else we can use third-party Bluetooth adapter for use Bluetooth on any device or Damaged device.

Helpful tips: Bluetooth not working, Not showing on Windows PC or Laptop

1. Use Cortana search for Open Bluetooth and Activate

New Search option in Windows 10 is Cortana. Now find Bluetooth on your PC or Laptop by search Bluetooth on Search field.

See, the Picture and find like “Bluetooth” Go to Bluetooth settings.

1 Open Bluetooth from cortana in Windows 10 search

Click on Bluetooth settings, Enable Bluetooth. Actually, Bluetooth is turned on from system control center.

2 Turn on Bluetooth on Windows Laptop or PC

Under the list, you can see the list of devices around you and Click on it to pair with your system.

3 Find the list of Bluetooth device around you on windows 10 screen

2. Bluetooth icon missing in Task Bar (Bottom corner)

To see and use Bluetooth from the taskbar, Bluetooth should be enabled from settings showing at first steps.

4 Bluetooth is activated and showing in bottom taskbar

Now, Tap on Bluetooth icon, go with different options like send the file or receive the file.

3. Restart or Shutdown Windows 10, Open again

Restart your system from the start menu, or use shortcut option – press power button once to force close all the running applications and system as well.

4. Bluetooth not Found on Windows

Some time you forgot Bluetooth devices (Smartphone, Printer or other) not found in your Windows Laptop or PC Bluetooth. and the fix is that, re-scan Bluetooth devices at once for refresh the list of other devices that has active Bluetooth.

Open Bluetooth Settings > Turn on Bluetooth > Wait for the time until the scan is complete.

1 Find Bluetooth device from search

Find the device, and Click on it > Select Pair button.

Still not showing, Now check and test with hardware problems.

For that, you need to find the device on another smartphone or Laptop/ PC.

5. Download Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver

Check for system update if available, otherwise Download Bluetooth Driver Installer.

once complete the setup and installation, again restart the system.

You don’t have Bluetooth driver in the old version of Windows 8, 7. Because Bluetooth driver is built-in on the windows installation. We don’t need the third-party Bluetooth driver.

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