How to enable and use a wide-angle camera on Galaxy S10/S10 Plus and S10e

Wide angle lens on camera app on Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and S10e

New Galaxy S10 and S10 plus have an amazing camera mod that captures large space in the rear camera. In just single click we can easily switch and turn on Wide Angle camera from your Galaxy camera app. Also here define how to apply Ultra wide lens correction that helps in automatically correct distortion in … Read more

how to turn on or turn off camera shutter sound on HTC U12/camera click disable

HTC U12 camera shutter sound off

Wow! That’s great HTC U12 is not far for us. HTC announced release date via Twitter. Lunch date has been confirmed 23 May. HTC U12 is the very impressive phone. HTC U12 has Android 8.1 Oreo version. Today every people hobby is photography, and so everyone wants best and latest camera result. It has latest … Read more

OnePlus 6 camera tips and tricks: Essential settings and Guide

OnePlus 6 won't turn on

Yes! The camera is most important things for a new generation. So every OnePlus 6 mobile users want all detail about OnePlus camera features. And one good something here that is OnePlus 6 has the capable and fantastic camera, and their result is excellent. But you want to compare with another camera so you want … Read more

Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Camera Shortcuts: Quickly Launch Camera

Galaxy S9 and S9plus camera have latest features so some significantly new and superb camera: dual camera, slow-motion camera, panorama, Hyperlapse, Live focus. Now many camera application for Galaxy Camera S9 plus Camera shortcut. If Samsung Galaxy S9 camera app stopped working so use our tips. Here we introduce you some various ways to open … Read more

Top best camera for low light Photography 2017 – 2024

1 Mirrorless-Digital camera

List of fundamental components in each camera that it would serve you well to recall in the event that you are a novice picture taker who hasn’t generally dug into much else besides indicating a DSLR, conforming the concentration and catching a photo. In great deal of rivalry between camera makers and every one of … Read more

best wide angle lenses in Nikon DSLR Cameras

2 Wide-Angle 8mm Fixed Lens f3.5 Fisheye

At the point when utilizing a Camera as respectable as Nikon, there’s exclusive a modest bunch of reasons why somebody may look for a wide edge focal camera. Normally, the motivation behind a wide point focal point is to catch more in every photo, up to 180 degrees — a colossal contrast than the focal … Read more