How to translate selected text on Google Chrome Webpage on PC or Laptop

3 Quickly Convert or Translate webpage text in to another language

It’s not necessary user visiting on webpage learn and understand into his/her regional language. So you need to use some app or language translator or ask other friends. To find the exact meaning of sentence or word they are reading. I found the amazing solution for non-English people who try to convert selected text into … Read more

How to Change Default Browser on Mac and Google Chrome as a default browser

This is a great way for the Mac users who are worrying about using Safari laggy or slow browser. Change default browser on your Mac system. Open Google Chrome on your MAC OSX click on 3 vertical dot icon at the top right corner of the browser screen. Steps for Change Default Browser on Mac and Google … Read more

How to set Google Chrome Browser as a default browser in Windows PC or laptop

4 Check it out for save Google Chrome Default Browser

Here I am teaching you about how to Change or Switch by set default browser as a Google Chrome in your Windows system or PC or laptop. That means any of the program and web page open directly in your Google Chrome browser instead of Internet explorer Mozilla Safari another third party browser installed on … Read more

Err_Network_Changed In Google Chrome Windows 10: PC or Laptop [Fixed]

5 Error Network Changed in google Chrome

Recently most of the Chrome users affected with the common problem, err_network_changed when we started browsing after launch Google Chrome on PC or laptop first time. On this error, we can’t do at the moment because not any web page able to serve directly from the Google Chrome address bar. Behind this reason, there are … Read more

Fixed “err_connection_timed_out” on Google Chrome Webpage

5 Err Connection Time Out Error on windows PC Or Laptop

Here is a solution on how to fix error connection Timeout on your Windows PC laptop and on Android mobile. This page is error for any web page like Google Facebook Twitter Instagram or any other. The connection error occurred due to the different types of interface and problems in the network that we can … Read more

Fixed: Your Connection is not a private on Google Chrome: Windows 10

For all types of website (E-Commerce, Banking, Mail, and Registration) site enabled and protected with security So most of the webmaster securing own site with HTTPs certificates or third-party security software on the server. on that point, if your computer is on risk then WebUrl Opened on browser automatically identify that your computer on risk … Read more

What Version of chrome do i have, Running on Windows PC, Laptop

1 Check Google Chrome update on windows PC or Laptop

We are timely checking update any software running on our PC or Laptop. In this Google Chrome one of the most useful browsers for desktop users. And the new update will give more security and Faster access that help to save lot more time by faster browsing and other new features (Bug fix, types of … Read more