How to Fix Huawei P20 pro Won’t turn On and Black Screen issue

Huawei P20 Pro Won't turn on, Black scree (1)

The smartphone is an addiction of new generation. So, everyone uses a smartphone, and all people has this habit. But you choose Huawei pro. That’s your good design. Huawei P20 pro is amazing Smartphone. Are you disturbed by Screen and performance issues? I also disturb from Black screen Huawei P20 Pro problem. If you have … Read more

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Best app for Download android mobile HD Wallpaper: HTC, Samsung

Most useful hidden features of android mobile

With No planning before to download HD Wallpaper for android mobile or tablet, then you might be disappointing with blur image, Poor image quality, Not to fits your device Here is the guide that tricky work and useful to all. Keep some important and very beautiful android wallpaper on screen for the specific model and … Read more

Disable/ Enable auto screen brightness in android mobile: HTC, Nexus

Turn on or Enable auto screen brightness in android mobile

Adjust screen brightness automatically works on most of the android gadget after improvements in new models. And now your screen brightness you can optimize automatically as of you are in the environment (Light or Dark environment) for best viewing screen. Also large screen android gadgets consume more battery power than ever before. Go though straight … Read more

Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen or Button Pressed

Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen or Back/ Home button

More Battery saving in android must required to stop unused or annoying mobile Vibrate. Here I gives guide on how to manage Different types of vibrate for your HTC or Other smart Mobiles (LG, Nexus, Samsung, act). Vibrate sometimes essentially or sometimes bothersome, here I guide to those people who want stop/ Disable Vibrate on … Read more

How to turn off/ enable Verizon Wi-Fi calling on Android: nexus, Samsung

Enable Verizon Wi-Fi calling on Android HTC, Samsung

Wi-Fi calling now elaborate more convincingly on android mobile platform compare to past, Behind the Wi-Fi calling more benefits in calling minutes and unlimited talk users can do after enable Verizon Wi-Fi calling on android nexus, Samsung officially from Verizon. Here’s the prerequisite condition for use Wi-Fi calling on android in free once setup on … Read more