Most popular Windows platform tips for Mobile or other platform for the professionals.

Reduce & Limit Data Usage For Hotspot WiFi connection in windows 11

are you not happy with using too much data while using your Phone's Hotspot connection in your Windows 11 Laptop or Desktop? Yes, we can restrict the Hotspot ...

Fix Clipchamp Microphone access is denied Please allow access in windows 11 Desktop

Are you stuck on Microphone is not working on the Clipchamp app in windows 11. Because it's turned off or Block by default. so you are getting an error popup ...

How to Change Display Resolution & Scale in windows 11 laptop or PC

is the resolution is not comfortable for your eye that might be the icon, text, apps preview, or another system layout of your windows 11 showing too big or ...

How to Record screen using Clipchamp on Windows 11: Windows 11 Build 22572 Update

In the new windows, 11 update Screen recording is now Built-in with the free software tool for all windows 11 users on Desktop or Later. Just install the new ...

How to Erase All Content and Settings on windows 11! What is Reset This PC?

Are you looking for erasing Saved user data from your Windows 11 System or Resetting all settings only with the application? To fix the most common freezing, ...

How to Enable Reading View in Windows 11 Edge Browser

What is the reading view in the edge browser?Reading view is the feature provided by the Microsoft Edge browser. This acts as a remover or an application ...

How to set an alarm in window 11?

Alarms are one of the most useful features provided by Windows 11. Any user can use this feature to set an alarm that can help one to sleep better as it ...