How to Change App Icon Size, Shape and Customize Individual Icons on OnePlus 6t

wow, that’s great you have new brand OnePlus 6t Smartphone. OnePlus 6t comes with amazing features. it has 6.41″ (16.28 cm) display, the battery is concerned it has 3700 mAh and Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system. Are you want to change App icon Shape, App Icon Size and customize individual icon on OnePlus 6t android 9.0. here you can change App icon Shape from OnePlus Round/ Square and also you can easily download more app icon from Play store.

here, our article gives information about How To Change Individual App Icon on OnePlus 6T. use the home screen setting and change app icon shape and size. and change the specific App’s icon that you want. follow give all step one by one and individual app icon on OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS.

How to Change App icon size, shape on OnePlus 6t

How To Customize App Icon on OnePlus 6t Home screen

1. Change app icon Shape on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os.

Step 1: Long Press App icon that you want change the size.

Step 2: Tap Edit icon(pencil)

Step 3: Tap App icon on display.

Step 4: OnePlus/Round/Square – Choose any One.’

that’s, Change icon shape individually in OnePlus 6T

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2. Change app icon size on OnePlus 6t Android device.

Tap on menu option on home screen layout menu > and select from three different app icon size option.

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3. How to Customize individual icons on OnPlus 6t

Step 1: Tap and hold home screen of blank area on OnePlus 6t.

Step 2: you will see  new Pop-up menu.

Step 3: Tap Edit.

Step 4: now you will change the app label/name and different icon style for that single app.

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Expert Tips: Change all apps icon at once in OnePlus 6t Android 9.0

Step 1: Tap and hold home screen of blank area on OnePlus 6t.

Step 2: Tap home settings. here can see more icon option that Shelf, Notification dots, icon pack, home screen layout and more.

Step 3: Tap App Icon pack.

Step 4: here three option OnePlus, Round, Square.

Now, all apps icon change once in OnePlus 6T.

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