How to Change Camera Photo Resolution On Honor 20: 9MP/12MP to 48MP

Set or Change 9MP/12MP/48MP/48MP AI Ultra Clarity Photo Resolution on Honor 20 Settings. New Honor 20 is the latest phone launched by huawei. This device is affordable, with great features. It has a 12 MP camera, 48 MP camera and most beautiful 48 MP A.I. ultra clarity mode. Today everybody wants to take crisp and classy pictures. In today’s world, people are sharing the pictures to show off, and some are taking them for memories.

Your Honor 20 is the best device through which you can get excellent quality pictures. You need to change the resolution to take excellent quality pictures. By default, your resolution is set on 12MP. So here we will show you how to change the resolution to 48MP or low Resolution in Full Screen. Follow the steps given below:

Steps for Change Huawei Honor 20 Camera Resolution to 48MP

Change Camera Photo Resolution on Honor 20 android mobile

Change Camera Photo Resolution on Honor 20 android mobile

Step 1: Open the Camera app.
Step 2: Click on the Settings icon, available at the top right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Now Click on the Resolution option.
Step 4: Select the Resolution of your choice.
Now it is done enjoy taking pictures and sharing them.

New Photo Format has different resolutions like,

  • 4:3 48MP AI Ultra Clarity
  • 4:3 48MP
  • 4:3 12MP
  • 4:3 9MP
  • Full Screen 7MP

New RAW Format only supported Pro mode of the camera. That we can change from the Camera app. Here, under the camera settings, we can enable new Photo Format, To use it Enable toggle under over here called RAW Format

This is New Camera settings avaialble for all android users, Just share this with friends and ping to use it.

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