How to Change Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 on Cover Screen

Are you looking for some customization for the clock widget on your Galaxy Z Flip3? Make it’s your own custom Clock widget like Digital Clock, Analog Clock, or Time with Backgroud photo picture.

Also, Edit Widget or Deactivate Widget from Widget screen apart from clock screen.

Steps for Change Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

  1. Open the Settings app on the Phone.
  2. Scroll to option Cover Screen.
  3. Select Option Clock Style > Select Different Clock Style, Next section is Clock color. Select your Option.
  4. Last option is Change Backgroud Image > as a Choose from my Wallpaper, and choose from the gallery.
  5. Click on Done to save the customization of Clock Style on Galaxy Flip3 Unfold mode.

Alternate Ways to Change Clock Style on Unflip Phone.

Touch and Hold on Widget from Cover Screen > Until you see the Slider move screen, Swipe it to Left for more Clock style and select what you want on the Small widget screen. For more customization, the last option is to Open Settings on the Phone.

Double Tap to See the Time and More on unfold Phone’s screen.

By Swiping it to Left or Right we can Change the Clock widget, That’s it.

Disable or Enable Widget on Cover screen

We can manage unused Widget inactive or Hide from the cover screen

Go to the Settings app on Phone > Cover screen > Widget > Here’s Music, Weather, Today’s Schedule, Next Alarm, Samsung health, Time.

Turn of the toggle that you hide from the cover screen.


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