how to change default search engine in Chrome

This is the time saving tips for the Internet users who are trying to set single default search engine as a default. know whenever you want to search in Internet.  Default settings on system are  like the full browser or  default homepage in your browser that people trying to change over time as she/ he want.  Yeah I given step by step guide on set default  search engine like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo and any others.

Some third party software and tricks work in the browser and the people are suffering from third party search engine automatically set as default browser.  Let see how to change default settings in customize default search engine.

Steps for change Google Chrome default search engine on Windows

1: Go to Google Chrome settings from top right corner of your Windows screen.

1 Google Chrome Settings option

2: Next click on the settings from Drop down

3: Find the search section, choose the appropriate search engine from the dropdown and more customization tap on the manage search engines.

4: Manage search engines Window see the list of Blacklist search engine and default search engines in 2 different sections.

2 Manage Search Engine in google chrome

5: To remove completely from your browser settings just hover on the cursor & click on the cross mark (X) to delete or remove unwanted search engines.

3 Remove other search Engine

Edit in Search engine URL, Double tap on search engine name, Enter details and save.

4 Edit Default search engine url or name

Finally click on the button to save your settings.

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