How to Change Display Resolution & Scale in windows 11 laptop or PC

is the resolution is not comfortable for your eye that might be the icon, text, apps preview, or another system layout of your windows 11 showing too big or too small. That’s the reason Laptop or Desktop users have to change resolution according to the display resolution. Some high definition 4K and 5K Resolution displays need an appropriate resolution of the system settings. in such a case, we can change the Scale to make it all big on display without changing the screen display resolution. here I am going to show you the steps to change or go back to the old Resolution in windows 11 from system settings in an alternate method.

the resolution also solely affects the eye strain. so personally like to make it big while working with the documents or browsing. But High Definition picture [Small resolution] like gaming, Video editing, and Photo editing tools needs an accurate result. Just change in Scale explained here.

Steps to change screen resolution in Windows 11 Laptop or PC

there is no keyboard shortcut to change the resolution quickly as like changing the Display brightness. So follow the below steps to change the screen resolution in windows 11.

Step 1: Click on the start menu icon > Click on the profile name.
Step 2: Choose Change account settings option.change account-settings-in-windows-11
Step 3: Under the system option > Display.

display settings in windows 11

Step 4: See the display resolution option, select the resolution from the dropdown.change-display-resolutions-and-scale-in-windows-11


Use Scales to make your Display Text, icon, and App layout big without changing the screen resolution.

in my settings, I keep the recommended screen resolution to get clear text, pictures, and more. but I change the scale to make all things are big on screen.

How to change Scale in Windows 11

Step 1: Go to the Start menu from the bottom toolbar. Click on Profile > Change account settings.change account-settings-in-windows-11
Step 2: Under the System option, Click on Display > Scale.apply-custom-change-display-resolutions-and-scale-in-windows-11
Step 3: Select the different Scales in percentage. To enter a custom Scale value Click on Arrow next to the fix Scale dropdown option, Enter the value between 100% to 500%.apply-custom-scale-in-windows-11
That’s it. Your system might be flash black after the black screen.

Display Settings Not Opening in Windows 11

Solution 1: Restart your PC and check again.

Solution 2: This is the cause of some internal software issues, we can fix it by repairing windows 11 without erasing the data. Go to the Start menu > Settings app > System > Recovery > Select the option “Fix Problems without resetting your PC” follow the on-screen instructions and get fixed the bug and issues.

Solution 3: Also keep your windows 11 software updated, Display drive updated. If the graphics driver is outdated or in bug, you can’t change the display resolution. Go to the settings > Software update > Download all pending updates.

Display Resolution Greyed Out Windows 11

Mainly there are two reasons, first is your windows 11 is not activated or running in trial or expired 30 days trial. Or you have to follow the bug issue fix explained above. in that you can repair windows 11 or do software updating process.

How to reset the Resolution after removing the External display in windows 11

that means you need to apply default settings for resolution and scale. Repeat the same steps above and select the recommended option for Resolution and scale, after you restart your system.

Can I adjust the Resolution for external display in windows 11

yes, the method is the same for changing the screen resolution of the external display. once you connect the External display, Follow the same steps above, and apple change for Resolution or Display for the external monitor or System.


To change the device’s appearance we can also have other options like changing the font size only, But without changing the scale the text might be overridden in some areas. So I highly recommend using a scale to make your Display big and beautiful.

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