Enable or Change Fingerprint animation effect on OnePlus 7 Pro & OnePlus 6t android mobile: Setup

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Fingerprint sensor animation, here’s the way to change unlock locked screen OnePlus 6t/OnePlus 7 Pro beautifully. in this, we can decorate unlocking screen to scan finger animation effects. Let’s make these settings and select your Favourite one. animation around the fingerprint scan button justify and notify your finger is scanned and now ready to open. if Fingerprint scan failed, after the animation played, you will be notified re-scan or don’t go for more attempts otherwise your mobile will be locked or disabled that make you in trouble. and use Password to unlock OnePlus 6t.

Some people don’t like you we can disable the animation for scan finger on OnePlus 7 Pro & Oneplus 6t screen button.

Steps to Enable or Change FIngerprint animation effects on Oneplus 7 pro & OnePlus 6t android mobile

1. Swipe your finger from top-bottom to open control center and see the settings gear icon or Find the Settings app on your Oneplus home screen.
2. Scroll down and Find, “Security and Lock screen” option. on OnePlus 7 Pro [Security & Privacy]
3. Next, Tap on “Fingerprint“.
4. Enter a password to make changes to any kind of security settings.
5. At the bottom here’s “Fingerprint animation effect“, Now you have a couple of options.

Cosmos, Wave and Strip, Select it and find the preview of effect before you save it and apply it.

How to use FingerPrint Sensor to unlock OnePlus 6t locked screen mobile

One you set animation effect, this will play in the background while you try to scan your finger on locked screen OnePlus 6t.

Double Tap on the Lock screen or Black screen OnePlus 6t. Now Place your finger on Scan button. At that time Animation will show around your finger.

That’s it.

to apply another effect, just repeat the steps above and share your favorite Lock screen fingerprint animation effect on the comment box. Hope you like my tips on Turn on or Turn off Fingerprint animation effect from OnePlus settings. Like it and Share it with your friends to get more tips and tricks on OnePlus 6t/OnePlus 7 Pro in free. Feel free to comment us if you found something missing in this article “article title” and share your idea.

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