How To Change The Font Size On OnePlus 7 Pro, Increase Text Size

OnePlus has launched its brand new device with lots of amazing and brand screen hardware type, AMOLED display first time ever With 90Hz Refresh Rate, which has gain popularity in public. This device is worth its price, as we can get more features at an affordable price. One of theme important and useful settings is custom text size and screen resolution on OnePlus 7 Pro is a good device with the best features.

We need to change the font size according to the visibility of our eyes and age. As we all know that after some particular age a person loses their visibility power and some people have a defect in their eyes so that they can’t see properly and need to wear spectacles for many different problems. All the people have different visibility hence they need to change the font size according to their visibility.

How to Change Screen Resolution on OnePlus 7 Pro

Change Font size on OnePlus 7 Pro

Change Font size on OnePlus 7 Pro

Here in this tutorial, we will guide for changing the font size on your OnePlus 7 Pro. Follow the steps given below to change the font size:

Step 1: Go to Settings, and open it.
Step 2: In Settings click on Display option.
Step 3: Scroll down in Display and search for Font Size option, click on it.
Step 4: As you click on Font size option it will open, Select the Size of font you want from three options available i.e. Small, Medium, Large.

Now you can enjoy your reading according to the visibility of eyes and you can again change the font size by following the same steps. Enjoy and feel happy to read on your device with the comfortability of font size.

Yes, You can get quickly affected changes on your screen with Home app icon name, Mail, Message Conversations, Contacts Name, Settings name and Note and other all.

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