How to change fonts size and style on galaxy s9/s9 plus

Here is the setting for change o set differ size and style on Galaxy S9/S9plus. The Samsung Galaxy phone has the ton of various unique agreement to customize this android phone. In our previous articles, we give tips about change date and time, take backup, lunch camera and other suggestions for you. But now we give you one other advice that how to change font style and size. The font is the essential part of mobile. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus have made pretty, excellent and comfortable for this phone users to customize look like smart and feel of font size and style on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus.

If you people go to mobile general setting device, so their phone display section with it unique menu bar in Fonts. So you can’t change only font style and size on our Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus. Here not only font size change but here also we download the other font application from the app store, so their tips below: some various step of change font size and style below.

How to explore the predefined Galaxy S9/S9plus font style and font size on Galaxy S9/S9plus

Here order to customize fonts on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus, so you follow below step:

1: first start mobile home screen.  

2: and then go to settings icon.

3: after select and tap Display section.

4: tap Screen zoom and font.

5: and then go to on font menu and see font size slider and drag either right or left. And you will change font size, increase and decrease you, people, quickly.

6: and last decide and specific font style and click Apply button and then tap Done.

Now enjoy new font style and size.

How to Download New, Free fonts for Galaxy S9/S9 plus

Here you can easily download font style and size for Galaxy Samsung S9/S9plus

1: start first notification panel.

2: and go to setting.

3: after tapping Display.

4: in display go to Font and screen zoom device.

5: select and tap Download fonts, it redirects you will Samsung Galaxy App store.

6: tap Top Free.

7: tap Download icon, after close and tap Samsung Sans.

8: and tap font and it will go to font setting page.

9:  and last finally, select Samsung sans and tap, and the tap new font style and size to try it.

Download it and test new font size and style.

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