How to change Google Chrome default download location: Windows, Mac

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and private browsers forever in desktop PC Laptops make our Android users. Because it’s very fast for browsing and experience download file in very quickly. So that we can manage easily from settings, by changing Google Chrome default download location.  After that every time you will get your download a file in your target location on Windows PC on a laptop. One of the most common problem for the users downloaded  data on the system is full of with thousands GBs of data.

After that when we try to find specific files in a folder that has been downloaded in the download folder, the system gets too much time to reach that file or that folder. In result, you have to spend more enough time every time to find your downloaded data or after wait freeze up time.

Change Google Chrome Default Download location

Steps for change Google Chrome default download location on Windows PC, laptop or Mac

Go to the settings from top right corner of the browser look three horizontal dot icon

Next click on the settings.

3 Settings in Google Chrome

Scroll down to the screen and find option for advanced settings click on it

1 Change Default Google chrome download location on Windows or Mac


Again scroll down and find download section, click on the change button, from the small window on screen very easy to fix your folder where you want to save a newly downloaded file on google chrome.

Inside your directory, we can create the new folder or set existing folder location for download location.

Bonus tips: One other option every time Google Chrome will ask every time where to save your file on computer or desktop that you want to download.  So another option is there ask where to save each file before downloading.

Next tutorial is for change default download location on Android

For the Mac user, the process for change or set default download location on Google Chrome are the same as steps given above.

Don’t miss you share very useful tips on how to change Google Chrome default download location.

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