How to change Jiofi router WiFi Password: From Chrome or Jio Apps

Change router WiFi Password, Reset WiFi Password, Know Forgot Jiofi Router Password, Jiofi WiFi password change, We need to change Jio WiFi router password on equal interval. Let’s get information on how to change jio WiFi router password on Desktop or Laptop and Mobile application. For the new device your Default Jio WiFi router password is printed on the Box comes in purchase time. But it’s public any one can see and use for any time until we change this password from Router dashboard settings.

Because new Device always required your JioFi password for WiFi. Steps are very easy and simple, we don’t need any sign up or Registration. it works like if you have any experience on our Broadband router (Tplink, iBall or Netgear), Know WiFi PasswordChange WiFi Password.

Steps for Change Jiofi router password and Username

Step 1: Connect your JioFi Wifi on your Laptop or Wireless Desktop. it’s compulsory device must be connected with Jio network via Reliance Router.

Step 2: Go to the Link and Open in your Browser, http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm#

1 jio router password

Step 3: Click on Login, from top right corner of browser windows.

Step 4: Enter Default Username and Password: administrator in both fields.

2 Jio username and password

Step 5: Login your JioFi router login page,

under Jio dashboard, Move Settings tab > WiFi

3 WiFi password change on Jio router

Step 6: There in your screen, Find security Key field and Update with your new password that you want set for your JioFi router WiFi access.

4 Save jiofi router password

Step 7: Click on Apply button for save changes.

5 Restart and Change password

To successfully update and stop annoying users are connected or Using your Jio internet restart required.

To use in your personal device, Forgot old saved password on windows, Mac or iPhone or android device. Connect using new password.

If you are tired from limited data connectivity issue, Get new Jio Broadband plans and Pricing in your country.

To Get more help at jio customer care office in your area. Or get online support or Call.

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