How to change the login screen background in Windows 10, Desktop or PC

Update your Windows 10 login screen looks and feel from different login screen with the background picture.  Latest Windows 10 anniversary update comes with a few very major updates change login screen background is one of the most important and favorite features for all Windows 10 laptop and PC users.  So they are trying to find how to change it with new upgraded pictures collections saved on your system.  Before this time there is no any option for setting custom pictures in the login screen.

Tricks are very simple and easy that we use every time when are we want to change the picture.  If you don’t have HD pictures and photos and you can set from before library for wallpaper saved in your Windows 10 settings.  And more customisation is choosing a fit on the screen.  Sometimes we have low-resolution unlimited pixel in width and height photos so we can set it to using this option.

Steps for Set or change the login screen background in Windows 10: Laptop and PC/ Desktop

Go to the settings app on your Windows 10 from Cortana search.

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See the settings for personalization (Background, Lock screen and Colors)

1 Personalization settings in windows 10

Under personalization click on the lock screen from the side panel.

Select background Settings as a picture.

3 CHange Bacground picture in windows 10 login screen

Choose your picture from below suggestions or browse photo on your system.

Change background color on Windows 10 login screen

Another option in the personalization settings is Colors going to that. Important settings related to color in the background is automatically picked and accent color, Mac Taskbar start menu transparent, so the color on Taskbar start and action center, show color on the title bar.

2 Browse and upload picture for windows 10 background

Hope you learn the things how to change login screen background in Windows 10 system come back soon and comment on if you have any trouble and want tips related Windows system.

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