Update or Change Mac Address on Windows 10/ 8/ 7: SIX digit Address

Mac Address is a physical address for your Laptop and desktop that help to define your device uniquely. here we will see how to change Mac address for Network interface card installed in your laptop or Desktop with windows 10, windows 8 or 7.

Network interface card is a bridge between your Gadget and Wireless or Wired Internet connection. And Each Network interface card has unique Media Access Control ID that helps to connect the device in a network with other laptops with IP address.

Mac address in not important and this will not be used for remotely connect your device or White list your device on the network. But the physical address is the only way to define your device in the same network or another.

By changing this six digits alphanumeric code we can beware and save from attacker that attacking from physical Mac address.

Follow the steps below to change Mac Address on windows 10/ 8 or 7

1: Go to the Device manager on your windows system. (or Search Device manager in Cortana search box near to start menu)

2: Under the Device Manager windows, Click on Network Adapters.

1 Wireless Network Adapter on windows

3: Here, you can see the list of all network card that using your Device for network connection.

4: Here, I am changing for Wireless Network Adapter card, “Dell Wireless”.

5: Right click on it, Properties.

3 SIX Digit Mac address save in Windows Network Adapter

6: Go to Advance tab in the window, Find Network Address and Enable Value radio button.

7: Here, Enter SIX digit alphanumeric code that you set for the network card.

That’s it.

Anytime we can update old custom Mac address on the windows system using above same steps. More guide and help comment me on the box below.

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