How to change Netflix plan on Android: Downgrade, Upgrade 2021

Are you using Netflix application for watching movie, video and other TV show? yes!! that’s great. you can easily Watch TV Shows Online and Movies Online using Netflix anywhere, anytime. Netflix is the world famous subscription service. you people enjoy movie online, TV show using the Netflix app, you can immediately watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want. if you take Netflix membership, its hug you many TV shows and an online movie for one low monthly price. Netflix plan changes, here we share with you how to change Netflix streaming plan on Android, tablet and iPhone 2019.

Netflix gives us three plan basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan. you can change Netflix plan on Android, tablet, desktop, and iPhone, iPod using account setting on Netflix 2019. check out How to change Netflix Subscription plan on Android and iOS device. follow given step and see how to change Netflix plan on Android: Downgrade, Upgrade 2019.

Step 1: open Netflix app on your device.

open Netflix app

Step 2: Tap three vertical line(menu) option in the bottom right corner side.

tap menu option

Step 3: Tap Account option.

tap Account- change password on Netflix

Step 4: Scroll the page, Tap change plan option under plan detail option.

Choose plan on Netflix

Step 5: here you can three plan:
1: basic plan: watch on 1 screen at a time in standard definition, download video on 1-month phone or tablet.
2: Standard(HD): watch 2 screens at a time. HD available. Download video on 2 phone or tablets.
3: Premium(ultra HD): Watch on 4 screens at a time. HD and ultra HD available.Download video on 4 phones or tablet.

How to change plan on Netflix

Step 6: choose any one plan.

Step 7: Tap continues option.

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