Newly-Added to the Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus Camera Tips & Tricks, New Functions

New Camera Modes on Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus, Camera Features on Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus. Samsung always launches something new its new launch. This time there is camera features and more but in this tutorial, we will give you some information about the newly added camera features on your Galaxy Note 10/Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Old features of camera modes like slow-mo and others are still available but there some more features added to the camera for better photographs.

here in this tutorial, we will guide you that what are new functions and how do they work. Let us see the features:

New Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Camera Settings or Tips Tricks

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Camera Settings or Tips Tricks

1. Live Focus Video

That sounds amazing now you can make a live focus video on your Note 10. You can use this mode in both front and back/rear camera. .Now you can make great professional like the video by focusing on the person properly by this Live Focus Video feature.

To use this feature open the Camera, Swipe to the Live Focus Video and now you need to select the effect you want. The filters select will only work if they detect the face. Let us take a look over different filters and their and functions:

1. Blur: If you want to show some different look to your video then you should add Blur effect to the video.

2. Colour Paint: By this effect, you can make the background grey and hence the subject of the video will be focused. You can adjust the amount of grey according to you.

3. Big Circle: By this filter, the background is changed to garbled orbs of light. By this, the subject will be focused and it will give an exquisite look to the picture.

4. Glitch: This gives the video a glitchy look it feels like there something out of a horror movie.

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2. Super Steady

This function is also new for Samsung users. If your hands are shaking while making videos then you must try to Super Steady option it helps to stabilize and you can make a perfect video. Follow the steps given below to activate the Super Steady Mode:

Step 1: Open the Camera app.
Step 2: Switch the Camera mode to Back Camera.
Step 3: Swipe and select Video or Hperlapse option.
Step 4: Now tap on the Little Hand icon(Super Steady Icon) at the top of the screen.
Step 5: When it is activated it will turn Yellow.

It can be used in Both Ultra Wide and Wide Lens.

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3. Night Mode

If you are unable to take photos in low light and the photos get darker in the low light then that photos are of no use. So thinking of this problem Samsung has provided a solution for it that is using Night Mode feature.
In Night Mode feature you can take brilliant pictures in low light and also in dark background. you can take many pictures in just Oneshot. You will not even realize that the photo is taken in the dark background or lowlight when you take photos with Night Mode.
Open the Camera app, Switch to Night Mode. Click brilliant photos.
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4. Zoom-in-Mic

Your device is unable to catch the far-away sound. Then you must switch to Note 10. Note 10 has the new function in the camera by which you can ALso get the best sound of far music. You just need to Zoom in on the Audio Source and the voice of the recording will automatically increase and it will also reduce the other background voices to get better results.
This feature will be by Default switch on but you must check it once. For doing so follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Open the Camera app.
Step 2: Switch to Back Camera.
Step 3: Select the video option.
Step 4: Click on Settings Icon.
Step 5: Click on Advanced Recording options.
Step 6: Click on Switch next to Zoom-in-Mic option. And hence it is done.
Samsung has launched some new camera functions through which can get better camera experience and the problem of bad photos can be solved.

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