How To Check RAM Usage On Android Mobile [OnePlus, Galaxy]: After Update Android 10 or later

RAM stands for random access memory. its storage used for a place to hold data. RAM plays the best role in your device. nowadays we got 10 to 12GB RAM out of the box. there was a time when people got 1GB RAM. therefor, people understood it’s a big deal. every android device does not have 10GB RAM, most of the android device budgets and mid-range maximum 4GB to 6GB RAM size. now, android RAM optimization improves more than the old device.

some time our device gives work not perfect. At that time we think first, maybe mobile memory full. here we try to share with you how to Check Ram Usage On Android Mobile: After Update Android 10 or Later- OnePlus, Galaxy.

Check RAM Usage on Android Mobile

Check RAM Usage on Android Mobile

How To Check RAM Usage in Android 10? How Much Does You Need?

Android users have a different question in his/Her mind before buy a new android mobile or Upgrade RAM on only for Different purposes like play a game, Test android app and more. Now a Days 8GB RAM is limited in most common android mobile. But sometimes you have to look after the Android mobile’s health with consumed memory by an app. S we can diagnose different android app problems like Freezing, Hanging and Stopped Working. For Example, Android Galaxy S20 has more RAM memory compare to Laptops according to techradar digital media website. OnePlus 7 Mobile Start from 6GB RAM. Find the solution to How Much RAM Does Your Phone Have? and How much RAM Does Your Phone need?

  1. If Developer Option Disable, First Enable Developer Option.
  2. Now, Tap Setting Option.
  3. Tap the Build Number 5 Times. Enter Your Pin.
  4. Tap Developer Options.
  5. Tap Memory Option.
    • Here you can see memory status. you can see how much RAM is being used. you can see one-day memory status.
    • If you want to see perfectly which app eat most of your RAM So you can go with our next step.
  6. Tap on Memory Used By Apps.
    this way you can see Ram Usage On Android version 10. if you want to see for 8 and 9, the steps are similar for Android 9 and Android 8.

How to Free Up RAM on Android?

If your device is full of memory, doesn’t have a little RAM chip inside,  you want to free up some memory.

  1. First, close the Backgroud app that using more memory.
  2. Still Not Free up some space.
  3. Uninstall/disable apps that you dont use regularly.
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