How to clean windows 10, remove old folder and Directory

4 Remove previous Installation or Driver packages in windows 10

Delete windows.old or System log files and folder must be required to clean windows 10 automatically. In that we can get more free storage space and Speed performance of laptop or desktop. Clean install or after format full drive, we can install windows 10 full version without any unused data or files. Here I got solution on remove all unwanted or backup file completely without any third-party software.

windows.old folder automatically created before upgrade your system for latest windows version. Here I upgrade my system from windows 8.1 to windows 10.

Steps for Clean windows 10 and Make free space on Laptop or Desktop

1: Open My PC or My Computer for see Logical drive (C-Drive) in windows 10

2: Under the Devices and Drives section, Right click on Local Drive (C).

1 Local Drive C properties for Clean windows 10 drive

3: Than click on properties, next click on Disk Cleanup.

2 Disk Cleanup option in windows 10 drive

Now wait for few minutes, it will find “System error memory dump files”, “Temporary Files or Unused Files”. For more clean I would like to recommended go with the next steps. It will remove GBs of data from drive.

5 System error and clean dump file

4: Under the Disk Clean up popup, Click on “Clean up system files”.

3 File or Folder removal Setup

Scroll down and Select “Previous Driver packages”, “Previous windows installation”, “Recycle Bin”.

4 Remove previous Installation or Driver packages in windows 10

Note: if you are performing disk cleanup process, before go with it please keep backup of all data (Files and Folder saved in drive).

You should copy of files and folders from desktop, Downloads, Music and Video folder.

5: Click on “OK”.

Windows.OLD folder is only backup purpose, So user can easily rollback to previous version or rollback/ Downgrade to old windows version. You want delete with new installation please format drive then install new windows version that we called clean install.

More help and guide on clean windows 10 or Repair windows error. Share with me on comment.

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