How to clear or factory reset Chromebook: Erase Data Alternate ways

Factory reset Chromebook by google

Time to go people are reset own chromebook for improve speed, performance and for resell. Sometime wrong configuration and miss landing load interrupting auto backup on google drive, which may cause, erase or Factory reset chromebook is the best option. If you are not familiar with ways to reset or erase whole chromebook then get the below guide and follow the steps carefully.

Note: Before reset, remove or Erase whole data by Factory reset chromebook, I would like to suggest about take full backup to external hard drive or Google Drive.Factory reset Chromebook by google

Steps for Factory reset Chromebook in alternate ways

For what case Chromebook reset or factory reset required: you are getting message like “Reset this Chrome device” or Problem with Profile/ Related settings or after many restart attempts chromebook still not working, You want to hand to another person means change owner.

Backup files and folder to Google Drive: online backup and storage is one of the fastest and secure ways to keep all data safe. Up to 15GB free storage, you can save inside it.

#1 Factory Reset Your Chromebook

Reset Using Shortcut keys, Sign out your chromebook.

Press and Hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R > Next Click on Restart > Once it’s run you will show reset option with box. Again sign in with fresh account (Existing or New login details).

#2 Factory Reset Using Setting Menu

Sign in your chromebook, Next Click on Profile picture area.

Choose Settings > Show Advanced Settings.

Under the Powerwash section > Powerwash.

The box appears, Click on restart and sign in with fresh account.

Now, you have fixed all problems. Then recheck all and enjoy with erased account.

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