Fix Clipchamp Microphone access is denied Please allow access in windows 11 Desktop

Are you stuck on Microphone is not working on the Clipchamp app in windows 11. Because it’s turned off or Block by default. so you are getting an error popup ” Microphone access is denied Please allow access”. when start screen recording with the Clipchamp app. Also, the MIcrophone settings are missing for Clipchamp in windows 11 microphone system settings. Follow the below steps to start recording with the microphone in the Clipchamp app on windows.

Clipchamp uses your Windows System settings in a different way, so the Microphone settings are not available for the Clipchamp app. Here’s how to access Clipchamp settings and Turn on the microphone.

Step to turn on Microphone in Clipchamp and Allow Microphone to Clipchamp in windows 11

Step 1: Open Clipchamp app on yur windows 11 or 10 Desktop.

Step 2: Now, Click on the More option at the top right corner of the screen. and Click on App Permission.


Step 3: Now, Your App will open the browser with all system permission, move to Microphone and Allow.


Step 4: Go to the Clipchamp app, and See the Refresh button at the top of the app. Click on it and see the new changes in Clipchamp with allow microphone recording with the app.


Now, See the different microphone array options and choose the right working option to record HD and Noise-canceling recording with a Built-in system microphone.

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