Fixed Coinbase Not Working on Windows 11 Laptop & Desktop PC Chrome, Edge

Coinbase is a safe platform for buying, selling, and keeping digital currency, and you can invest, trade, hold and earn income. If you want to really make money with crypto I suggest you trade and invest, stake&hold, this sounds like you are a beginner. Lots of famous and biggest exchanges like coinbase, and Binance. Which one do I recommend for beginners, it’s also a way to make your profit on that platform. the world’s biggest currency exchange with millions of users across thousands of countries. 

In Coinbase Execution might you will get some problems that we can fix using the below technical solutions for windows 11 users and Windows 10 users. we will show you how to work in the coinbase in windows 11 properly, and show you below some important steps.

Solution 1: Restart your PC or Laptop 

Sometimes, the browser you install can change your browser setting without any type of knowledge, for your browser safety, when you launch chrome and any other browser every time check your setting has been changed. If you want to restore your browser setting in any browser at any time, you need to the apps and extensions you install and change your setting without your knowledge.

Reboot your Device to get back to normal while you are getting any problem in use like internet browsing on a web browser.

Solution 2: Update your operating system

Windows 11, if you want to work on your device smoothly and speedy you can try the latest version of your windows. 

  1. Right-click on the Start menu. and select Settings.
  2. Next, See the Software Update Option on the left side of the window.
  3. Download and install all pending updates for your windows 11.

Sometimes you feel that this thing is complicated but even if it is not, it can be easy sometimes, as I told you above steps. This is easy for your windows to work correctly.

Solution 3: Clear your browser cache and cookies 

Most of the time this solution will helpful while your Coinbase webpage load outdated old content on your browser that’s creating a problem to view your coinbase account and transection-related server. After Cleanin the browser cache you will get fresh content on your coinbase website and work smoothly. This process will not lose any sensitive data like passwords, or history. follow the below steps to clear the Browser cache for coinbase.

  1. Open your browser and Go to the top Top right menu icon [Three vertical dots].
  2. Select the More tools > Clear Browsing Data.
  3. Next, Select Time Range for All Time and Select “Cookie and Other site data” and “Cached images and files
  4. Click on Clear data.

Now, Close the browser and Re-open to use coinbase without any error. if it’s not working then follow the next troubleshootings.

When you are clear your cookies and cache, all your information is clear, for example, passwords and other ids you want to re-enter all your information when you clear your browser cache and cookie. See describe some steps below.

  1. The first one opens your divides 
  2. And then open your browser 
  3. And you can see the upper side right corner in three douts in vertical line click it  
  4. And then go to privacy and securities  and click 
  5. Then click clear browsing data. 

You can see this option in clear cookies and cache.

Solution 4: Update your browser 

Important to update your browser to protect your computer’s security, and safe, against viruses, spyware, firewall, and phishing attacks.

If you have a chrome browser that should automatically update based, open your play store setting and then you can check if there update available. 

  1. First of all, you can on your system 
  2. Open browser 
  3. And then click on the right
  4. you can see the upper side right corner in three douts in a vertical line click it  
  5. Then click help 
  6. And then go to update the browser 

You can not find the button that means your browser’s latest version.

Solution 5: update your Web browser.

For mac users- automatic to set your browser for all users of your computer if you are installing your browser to the application folder. Try this one, go to your browser and then about your browser and click automatically update browser for all users.

For windows users- close your all browser windows and click on the desktop, and then relaunch the browser to apply the update.

Linux user- update the browser and then use your package manager.

Solution 6: Disabled Extension

When you are using this your browsing data internet to keep safe, and also contact the extension developer and tell them to upload their extension to the browser web store.

Some steps you can try to disable extensions,

For chrome-

  1. On your system
  2. Open your chrome
  3. And then click on the verticle line
  4. And then click on  more tools
  5. Then click extensions
  6. And then you can see the toggle button
  7. Then extension is disabled.

Important to disable extensions to your webpage in loading and video and improve your browsing speed.

For mac-

  1. On your mac browser 
  2. Go to the menu bar
  3. And select chrome
  4. Then click on the three-dot  and then 
  5. Select more tool 
  6. And then select extension 
  7. And then select blue toggle to switch and then that change to grey to disable.

(And way to alternative access the extension setting on mac- go to the menu bar and then select chrome and then preferences and then go to the Chrome settings menu and select extensions. ) 

Solution 7: Switch Private mode to your browser 

If you want your privacy to all your apps and site to use with the browser you can use the private mode to save others and also you have more options to keep your browser history automatically clear and not save any detail of your search and use. 

We have some shortcut keys for you to private mode- for chrome, windows and Linux:  ctrl+shift+n. For mac: window key+shift+n.below are some steps you can try,

For chrome-

  1. Open chrome and 
  2. Then click three-dot in a vertical line
  3. And select new incognito windows.

For safari- 

  1. Open safari browser
  2. And then choose file and
  3. Then select new private windows.

For firefox-

  1. Open Firefox browser 
  2. And then go to the upper corner three-line select 
  3. Then select new private windows.

For Microsoft edge- 

  1. Open Microsoft edge
  2. And select three-dot on the vertical line and 
  3. Then select new private windows.

If the above steps do not work for you, You can also try to log out and then back to coinbase, update your latest version of the browser, then use another browser and do not forget to switch on wifi and network connection. And also Don’t forget to check your is not blocked in coinbase. 

If you still have a problem with coinbase not working windows 11 issue you can contact coinbase support

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