How to Connect Apple Watch to Android 2024

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Apple Watch is a most popular smartwatch. it is the best accessory and best selling smartwatch. nowadays most of the Android smartphone wear apple watch. you have apple watch and android mobile. that’s good. Can an Apple Watch and an Android mobile work together? the official answer is no, Apple watch only compatible with Apple devices iPhone 6,iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7,iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X, iPhone Xs max, iPhone R. But the real answer is slightly different and deeply. here we share with you how to use the two devices together. How to Connect Apple Watch to Android 2019.

Google Play store has no any third party application that connects apple watch to android.if you want to connect your Apple watch with an android phone, so here only one thing that bluetooth. iPhone is too much costly mobile, every people do not afford it. so people use an android phone and wear apple watch so here we teach you how to connect your apple watch with an Android device.

1. how to connect apple watch with android 2019 (1)

Apple Watch Compatibility: Android Smartphones?

What Do I Need to Get Started With This process?

Step 1: Use LTE and Unlock your Apple watch.

Step 2: Unlock Android device.

Step 3: Unlock your Apple Device.

Step 4: A SIM card removal tool.

Note: You need a mobile network that supports usage of the Apple Watch, networks include AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon in united states.

How to Connect My Apple Watch and Android Phone?

Step 1: First, turn off your all device, apple watch, android mobile, and apple phone.

Step 2: remove your SIM card from your Apple mobile.

Step 3: Replace your iPhone sim card into the Android device using sim card tools.

Step 4: at once, when your android phone has turned on and connected to it the cellular network, power on the Apple Watch.

Step 5: now you can see your apple watch connect with your Apple Watch.

Step 6: now, you can receive calls, messages and more on your Apple watch, Although having an Android mobile as your primary device.

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