How To Connect Your OnePlus 7 Pro With The Mac, MacBook Pro/Air, iMac

Find the ways to Connect/ Transfer Files Between OnePlus 7 Pro and Mac running on MacOS Catalina, MacOS Mojave, High Sierra or Earlier. Transferring data to the PC is quite easy to compare to transferring data Mac you don’t need any third party apps. But while transferring the data to the Mac you need the third party app. Because the Your device and Mac support different OS and therefore we need the third party app to transfer data and files.

You need to transfer data to save the data. As the data has some important files and the memories which you wanted to save for the lifelong. Follow the steps given below to transfer your data, Access android root folder on Mac using USB Cable:

Steps for Access/ Transfer Files from OnePlus 7 Pro to Mac

connect and Transfer Files between OnePlus 7 pro and Mac using USB

connect and Transfer Files between OnePlus 7 pro and Mac using USB

Step 1: Download Android File Transfer in your Mac.

Step 2: If you are using it for the first time then you need to open it, after using for the first time it will automatically open for the second.

Step 3: Now connect your device as the program opens.

Step 4: Swipe Down and click on the USB icon.

Step 5: Select “File Transfer“.

Step 6: Now click on “Just Once” or “OK“.

Step 7: Sometimes it may take the permission to “Get Started“.

Step 8: Now the android file transfer will open the window, which will be showing all the files of your device.

Step 9: Click on the arrows at the left of the different items, to open them.

Step 10: Now select the file you want to transfer to your Mac.

Step 11: Drag the selected file to the folder in the which you want to store the file in your Mac.

So in this way you can transfer your data to the Mac.

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