How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android mobile OnePlus and Galaxy Mobile

Nowadays everybody like to play games whether they are young or old age doesn’t matter. Everybody enjoys spending time on gaming on their smartphones or tablets. It’s enjoyable to play a game with the controller. You can buy  MOGA Hero Power or a retro-styled 8Bitdo, but we advise that you don’t need to waste money for the bluetooth gaming controller if you own your PS4 controller. PS4 Gaming developer developing gams that support android mobile user interface and control using different touch gesture that’s more easy compare to Physical PS4 Gaming Controller. Also, we can play remotely using our any android mobile’s bluetooth connection.

Here in this tutorial, we will show you how to connect the PS4 controller with android. Follow the steps given below:

Quickly Setup or Connect PS4 to Android Mobile Without Any Cable Connection

Connect Android Mobile to PS4 Gaming that control

Step 1: Press and hold Share Buttons on the PS4 controller and PS to pair them.
Step 2: Once the controller will be connected, a white light will flash at the back of the controller.
Step 3: In your Android Device open the Settings < Bluetooth and turn on the Bluetooth.
Step 4: Click on Scan to scan new devices.
Step 5: Click Wireless Controller to pair with a PS4 controller with your device.

And now the PS4 controller is connected with your android device. Now you can enjoy playing a game with your PS4 controller.

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