How to Connect Windows 10 Laptop/PC to TV or Projector

here’s the quick guide on how to connect your Windows 10 laptop or Desktop to your Smart TV or Projector at your home, Office or Projector room. Without any third-party device, we can stream live windows screen to our big screen displays like Smart TVs or Projector (EPSON, ViewSonic, DBPower, Optoma that are using for presentation, Play Media Movie or Gaming).

Let’s get set up guide and turn the projector or TV from your Windows Laptop or PC running on Windows 10, Windows 11.

Step for Setup and connect Windows 10 Laptop to TV or Projector

connect windows 10 to PC or Laptop

Important Port that helps to connect our system to TV or Projector

Ports that can be used like DHMI Port, Mini Display Port, VGA port (if you don’t know about which port is available on your Laptop or PC read the user guide that comes with the system).

Connect the cable to your Laptop and PC or Projector. Turn on the Projector mode that finds the connected projector and turn on your Windows screen on Projector or TV.

Use and hold down Windows Key + P until you see the option for change and choose the mode like Computer Only“, “Duplicate”, “Extended”, or “Projector Only“.

Note: if you can’t find the project option than use Function key, some laptop needs to be.

Connect Windows 10 Wireless TV or Projector

You can also connect wirelessly over WiFi connection, There is an option for find Wireless connection on windows 10 project mode.

Go with last option, Connect to Wireless Display.

Troubleshooting for Unable to connect Windows 10 to Windows TV or Projector Using Cable or Wirelessly

  • Check the cable connectors on correct device or projector
  • Shutdown Your windows PC & Projector
  • Both wireless device connected to the same network.
  • Both devices updated with the latest version of Driver and BIOS.

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